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What is a postal code?

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A post code is a number that refers to the area an address finds itself in it makes mail sorting easier as wel as puting an end to mail being misdirect to similarly pelt addresses in different places. In the UK a post code is the same as a USA Zip Code. If you are posting a letter to the UK the post code will help it get to the correct place (each street or area will have a post code allocated). However if you address the letter properly your letter will still arrive in the correct UK place without a post code. Make sure you put the house number and Street name as well as the town.

It is a numeric or alpha/numeric sequence identifying a district or location to assist postal workers or machines sorting mail. Different countries have different formats. USA examples would be 90210 (a zipcode), UK DAI 4JP for Crayford Kent, NZ 2022 for Mangere, near Auckland Airport, Australia 4500 for Central Brisbane

2010-10-08 17:58:25
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Q: What is a postal code?
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