What is a problem in the computer?

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All those extras you have can slow down your computer or glitich it up. Also when you are done using internet turn off your wireless card on your router or unplug your motem. IF YOUR INTERNET IS TURNED ON ALL THE TIME THEN YOU CAN GET SPYWARE OR TROJENS OR SOMEONE CAN HACK YOUR COMPUTER. IF YOUR INTERNET IS TURNED OFF OT WON'T HAPPEN
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What problem was the computer invented to solve?

The Computer was invented to solve a number of problems really: - Counting: to solve mathematic problems - Navigation and astronomy - Weather prediction Answer The computer was created to perform mathematical computations automatically and was intended to be useful in a number of areas. It wasn't ( Full Answer )

What are computer problems?

Computer problems are anything that causes a computer not to function in the desired manner.

How can you correct computer screen problems?

It depends on the problem. Could be corrected by going to Control Panel, Display Options and making the corrections. It may be because the monitor is going bad or a magnetic fied is interfering with the displayMaybe a setting on the monitor itself needs to be changed. It could be a bad cable connect ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a computer with a buffering problem?

how do i fix buffering problem. A technician has now uppedthe power to 3000mg. But I am still have the same problem of constant rebuffering on anything that is streamed. Is there a program that can fix this? Do I need yet more power? Thanks, MNP Answer To fix this issue visit the Microsoft kb ( Full Answer )

What are the problems with computers and how do solve them?

Answer There are billions of problems that can happen with your computer. If something on your computer breaks call the maker of the computer: Dell, HP, Gateway, and so on: or reformat your hard drive. NOTE IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING AND WILL HAVE TO REINSTALL NOT ONLY WINDOWS BUT TH ( Full Answer )

How did you stop the Y2K computer problem?

Quoted from what is y2k (also by me): . "Y2K" refers to the "Year 2000 (2 k)". Since this is posted in computer history, I'll assume you're referring to it's effect on computers, or more specifically the "Y2K bug". This was a bug out of the fact that before 2000, computers assumed that years star ( Full Answer )

What are the common problems in the use of computer?

The normal computer problems that users come across should be: 1.PC Slowdown Suddenly 2.Lockups and Freezeups Frequently 3.Problems Logging onto the Web 4.System is out of date 5. Driver problem 6. Uninstall/install problems 7. Spyware/virus infection

What problems does a computer cause?

Computers do not cause problems; the human operators of computers cause problems. Though if you need an answer; in the beginning there were many concerns about computers and the Internet making libraries obsolete, and or literature altogether… And of course there will be future concerns such as ( Full Answer )

What are some problems with computers?

There are many problems with modern day computers, many of whichare easily fixed. One is the computer acting slow or sluggish. Thiscan usually be fixed by cleaning it up internally as well asremoving some unused stuff. Another problem is attachments from theinternet not working. This is fixed by dow ( Full Answer )

How do you Protect a computer from electrical problems?

To protect a computer completely from electrical problems you would have to keep it unplugged. Unfortunately this makes it useless. . Using surge protection on the power supply is a simple and relatively cheap protection from spikes in the power supply.. A UPS or uninteruptible power supply can b ( Full Answer )

What Computer problems with Club Penguin?

Like with all online computer games it runs on Java, so you need that installed and when you play it the game will make using your computer for other tasks slower. Online games with lots of kids who play them are also hunting ground for hackers who will trick the children into giving them remote acc ( Full Answer )

How do i solve Computer hang problem?

By pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, the most famous key combination and choosing Log Off from the menu that appears. This only works with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Windows XP, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete will bring up the Task Manager. If that's your case, go to the Shut Down menu in the Task Manager. ( Full Answer )

How do you solve computer hanging problem?

Frequent freezing or navigation failures may be a warning sign thatyour computer is running low on memory or space on the hard drive. There are various computer programs that can help solve yourcomputer hanging problem, or you can take it to a qualifiedcomputer technician. You can try reducing the ( Full Answer )

What is a problem with computer hardware?

A common problem with computer hardware involves the drivers. Many people will install new hardware (video card, sound card, network card, card readers, web cams) without installing the proper drivers. A driver tells windows how to use the hardware, and where it located, when not installed windows w ( Full Answer )

Why computer are useful for solving problems?

Computers are useful as you can use it to communicate to each other remotely, like for example if your family is to far away from you you can talk to them and send a message or us msn to communicate and if we don't have computer we cant do our homework that easy or you could just read a book to find ( Full Answer )

Where can you ask for problems with your computer?

Go to your nearest computer store or P.C world and ask for advice, otherwise look up your problem on the web, if it's an apple mac then you can easily find it on 'Apple Discussion'. Good luck!

Can vacuums cause problems to your computer?

What you need to be careful of is the static charge build up. If you are going to use your vac to suck up dust make sure that your computer remains grounded and also make sure that you don't rub on the motherboard and break something off.

What are the problem of computer?

This is a very broad question. Overall, anything that's made can break. Most problems are software related.

The problems faced by without computer?

Ok, 1st thing. Why did you put this question in "gorillas"? Just wondering. Ok, the average teenager (yeah, not a pretty thought) is always on the computer or texting or doing something with technology, right? I'm sure you do! (Parents!) Usually, it's hard to find information you are looking for w ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your computer has problems?

Me, I fix them be it software or hardware. If I don't know how to I learn by buying books, search the web, talk to others who know and learn more. If that's not what you want to do then it would be good to know someone good at working on computers and ask if they can fix your problem. If they are wi ( Full Answer )

Your computer restart what is this problem?

Scan your computer for viruses and spyware. If you are sure your computer is not infected, it may be overheating. If you're using a desktop, open up the tower and make sure the fans are clean and functioning properly. Fans are not expensive and relatively easy to install. If you're using a laptop, ( Full Answer )

What problems were overcome with the computer chips?

Computer chips has offered speed beyond what is humanly physically possible to calculate. Also, allows us to not have to repeat so many mundane processes over and over but does it for us. They also allow multiple functions to be done simultaneously. The chip it will also help with accuracy.

What are the common problem in computer hardware?

There can be hundreds of hardware problems, the most common i have come across is a faulty piece hardware attached witch can cause to you computer not starting properly

Why do computers have problems?

Computer's have problems because they are made by people. People are not perfect but can work out problems to a desired result. Computers do what they are told. Even still, in electronics there are still things that are not fully understood about electricity and how it actually works. Understanding ( Full Answer )

What were the problems computers had?

well some problems computers have had were the premo scepto which is when a computer blows out its control panel inside of the computer , also there is a vinched topee which is when the computer explodes

What are common computer problems?

The most common problem i have had is when trying to use my MacBook while scuba diving, I don't know why but it just seems to cut me off from wifi and porn sites. Hope this helps.

How does computer solve engineering problem?

In general, computers do not solve engineering problems. Engineers solve engineering problems by using computers to perform complex calculations. In particular, engineers construct detailed mathematical models of their designs or proposed solutions to a problem and then use computers to perform anal ( Full Answer )

Where can you get online help for computer problems?

There are many Online Computer Support Services available today to get Help on Computer Problems. You can search or google for few Techsupport providers such as Techmartial, iyogi, 247techies and more. They access your computer remotely and resolve your pc problems online.

Do you ever have problems with your computer?

Drivers, Chipsets and software including programming of all languages always certainly has problems and errors as there are so many that can be microscopic, but they are there. If there weren't any problems there wouldn't be any need of asking questions about them. Everyone will most likely have a p ( Full Answer )

What is the problem if your computer reboots itself?

Could be several different things. Could be power failure, RAM failure, could be the fan isn't cooling properly and the system is overheating, could be an application error, or operating system error, or some type of malware (virus or spyware). Look at the event viewer, in the application section, t ( Full Answer )

Why is a computer security a problem?

is not a problem if it has security software most security software updates itself if you have no security software such as Norton or AVG then you going to get viruses and have issues. J.S

What can alleviate health problems from computers?

Taking regular breaks ! If you're normally using a computer for hours at a time - take a five-minute break every hour. Get up and walk around, make a drink - anything to take you away from the screen. Not only will this preserve your eyesight, it allows your limbs to get a little exercise.

What are the problems that can be caused by a computer by a computer virus?

if u mean what can they do to your computer there are many many things . delete files . copy files . share personal info . steal bank details . publish personal files . monitor what you go on . make you buy things and charge u alot . but worse, they can ruin your machine making it un-usabl ( Full Answer )

Can computers solve human problems how can they do it and why?

No, on their own computers can not solve the problems of humanity, only humans can do that. However, computers are powerful tools that can be used to model various aspect of the real world. If human have managed to to get these model correct then computers are now fast enough to calculate what these ( Full Answer )

What are the problems of not shutdowning the computer?

If you dont shut down your computer regularly, it may overheat. Secondly, the performance will greatly decrease because your memory is getting bogged up and it cant clear itself. If your fans are constantly running, it will collect dust much faster, contributing to overheating. Yur power bill will a ( Full Answer )

What was the problem with using valves in computers?

Reliability and heat were the main problems. Valves were fragiledevices that, due to the relatively primitive way they weremanufactured, failed pretty quickly. In addition to that, they gaveoff vast amounts of heat. This meant they needed expensiveair-conditioning systems to keep their temperature d ( Full Answer )

How does one diagnose a computer problem?

To diagnose a computer problem you must first check any newly installed hardware and software. Secondly, run a virus and malware scan. Sometimes downloaded games and other programs can have a virus.

What are the most common computer problems?

The most common computer problems may include,malicious software, dead battery, slow computer, network connectivity problems,hard drive failure,and missing DVD / CD drive.

What was the problem with computers?

Computers have many flaws and problems, with the first and mostimportant one being the fact that they will never be able tooperate at the level the human brain does. Other problems includesthe fact that they are machines and machines are prone to breakingdown or not functioning in the way it is supp ( Full Answer )

What Problems using valves in computer?

Valves had a habit of generating vast amounts of heat - needingexpensive cooling systems to keep the temperature at a workinglevel. They were also very fragile - and brooke easily.