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What is a pu pu platter?

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I think its a FOOD, sold at Chinese restaurant's

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What is a pu pu platter in Chinese restaurant?

A Pu Pu Platter is a tray American Chinese cuisine consisting of an assortment of small meat and seafood appetizers. -answer by Lucky

As unappetizing as it sounds what are you eating if you're served a pu pu platter in a Hawaiian restaurant?


Is the pu pu platter a real food?

Its spelled "pu pu platter", and yeses, it is an appetizer served at Chinese restaurants. Also spelled "pu pu platter," this dish varies from restaurant to restaurant, but generally includes a skewer of lean broiled beef or pork, chicken wings, a couple of egg rolls or spring rolls, and may include shrimp toast, steamed or fried dumplings, crab rangoon, or any other snack-type finger food the particular restaurant prepares.

What is typically included in a traditional pu pu platter?

A typical pupu platter, as found in American Chinese cuisine, might include an egg roll, spare ribs, chicken wings, chicken fingers, beef teriyaki, skewered beef, fried wontons, crab rangoon, fried shrimp, among other items, accompanied by a small hibachi grill... ALL you have to do is "Google" it!

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