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a pucker bush is a bush with burrs on them that stick to you like porcupine quills. If you have been in a pucker bush you will never forget it.

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Q: What is a pucker bush?
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How do you use the word pucker?

To pucker means to wrinkle up. Here are some sentences.Pucker up and kiss me!Sucking a lemon will pucker your mouth.There is a pucker in my new shirt.

How do you use the word pucker in a sentence?

Drinking the sour lemonade made her pucker. When he kisses her she will pucker her lips.

How do you say pucker in spanish?

pucker = fruncir, recoger

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What element in wine makes you pucker?

It is the tannin or tannic acid that causes the mouth to pucker.

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apple pucker is a apple flavored liqueur. it is mostly used as a flavor additive for making drink such as an apple martini.

Which facial muscle would you use to pucker?

The Orbicularis oris muscle. It is sometimes known as the kissing muscle because it is used to pucker the lips.

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yes since when their around enemies they pucker up so when their enemies kill them they pucker up and float

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To show they are worried

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It is a type of candy. It is not sour.

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Pucker, sucker, tucker,

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Pucker Up! Does the level of acid in juice cause the lip pucker?

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What muscle is used to pucker the lips?

Orbicularis Oris

If you pucker up at the blarney store what will you get?

The Gift of Eloquence

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It means to pucker your lips.