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The question above is an example of a question, which is usually a request for information, and is marked by a question mark.
The official definition for the word question is "a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information."
A question is an unanswered thought that you wish to receive an answer to.
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What is a question without an answer?

A rhetorical question. yes The most concise answer would have been to not answer. Now that we're past that, there may be two other categories of questions without an answer. U

What is a question of policy?

A question of policy means that the answer can be found in a predefined set of behavioral rules. In other words, behavior and/or reaction to behavior is decided ahead of time

What is a question particle?

A question particle is a grammatical element (word or affix) used in forming questions. These particles are, loosely speaking, generally split into two broad categories, yes/n

What is a question with a question?

A question with a question is a rhetorical question of sorts. However, the question isn't necessarily rhetorical, since it just has to be a question that includes another que
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What is a question that adverbs answer?

How? For example: . Standard Sentence He walked. Sentence with Adverb He walk carefully. . How did he walk? --> He walked carefully. .
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What is a question for precious?

Definition: favorite, valued Synonyms: adored, beloved, cherished, darling, dear, dearest, idolized, inestimable, loved, pet, prized, treasured A sentence would be : My pr
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What is a question of fact?

It is a dispute between people involved in a law suit that must beresolved by a jury at trial