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Operates an X-Ray machine.

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Q: What is a radiologist?
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Who work for a radiologist?

Radiologist Assistant

What is the salary of a radiologist technician?

What is the salary of a radiologist technician?

What does radiologist mean?

A radiologist is a person who uses radiation to find out about the body. If you go to the hospital for an x-ray then it will be a radiologist who does it.

Who makes more radiologist or x ray techs?

Radiologist by far. Radiologist are medical doctors that specialize in radiology.

What is the salary of a radiologist?

The average salary of a radiologist in the USA is $275,000!

What is a diagnostic radiologist?

a diagnostic radiologist is a job and a person does it.thats what that is

Is it possible to be a Radiologist with a Felony?

Yes, it is very possible to be a Radiologist with a Felony.

Whats the life span of a radiologist?

the average lifespan of the radiologist, they die when they are 45

Can your become a radiologist if you are a radiologist technician?

If you go to medical school, and become an MD, yes.

Which jellyfish was named in honor of a Queensland radiologist?

the box jellyfish was named after a queensland radiologist

What skills and abilities are needed to become a radiologist?

What are some job skills that is needed to become a Radiologist?

What career pays more radiologist or paralegal?

radiologist is one of the highest paid career in the USA

How much do radiologist make hourly?

i believe radiologist make 40-150 dollars hourly!................. :)

When did Frank Ellis - radiologist - die?

Frank Ellis - radiologist - died in 2006.

When was Frank Ellis - radiologist - born?

Frank Ellis - radiologist - was born in 1905.

How many credit hour does it take to become a radiologist?

Credit hours have nothing to do with becoming a radiologist. A radiologist is a physician - you must go to medical school and complete a 5 year residency.

Who is a famous radiologist?

Dr Sven-ivar Seldinger is an extremely famous Radiologist inventing the seldinger technique.

What type of degree is a radiologist?

== ==

What is the salary of radiologist?

200,000 +

What doctor does an MRI?

a radiologist.

How much money does a radiologist make in texas in a public hospital?

How much money dose a radiologist therapist make?

What does a radiologist do and how much do the make monthly?

A radiologist is a specialist in the radiology field. Such as x rays and or using it as a therapeutic remedy.

How much money does radiologist make hourly?

i believe radiologist make hourly 40-80 dollars an hour

Do you need a license to be a radiologist?

Yes. You need a license to practice as a radiologist by the medical board of the state you want to practice in.

Do medical photographers get paid good?

that would be called a radiologist. some radiologist make bank it matters what kind you are.