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could be an allergy like water blisters but hard to say without seeing it go to your doctor and show him/her so that u can get a topical ointment to resolve it.

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What is the medical term meaning small bump that itches and often appears as a symptom of an allergic reaction?

Wheal or urticaria.

What if your rat sneezes sounds like he is grinding her teeth itches a lot appears to have dandriff lays on her back is she sick?

he/she might have parasites

When your hand itches?

When your hand itches... Scratch It. DAaa

What is the plural of itch?

The plural of itch is itches. As in "my leg itches".

What if one eye's tear duct is redder than the other and itches?

I have the same problem. It appears to be called pink eye and you can use polysporin to treat it

What rhymes with switches?

itches, witches, fixes, mixes, hitches, itches, pitches,

Can silver and platinum can cause itches on skin?

They can't cause itches unless they are allergic to your skin. Or else the itches may be due to unclean ornaments.

Mole on your right breast that itches why is that?

Any mole that itches should be examined by a doctor.

What materials are kids allergic to on school uniform?

Some children have sensitive skin, and are alergic to leftover string, and it itches. And expecially with furry stuff for them, it itches. If its very tight, it itches to.

What does it mean when your left thumb itches?

People say that when your left thumb itches you will lose money. When your right thumb itches you will receive money. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

What does it mean when your right eye itches?

When your right itches that means some one is going to make you mad.

Why are you itching?

because it itches

What do you scratch that starts with i?


What rhymes with britches?


What does it mean when your nose itches in folklore?

My Grandmother always said if your nose itches "You're going to kiss a fool."

Do whales get itches and if so how do they scratch?

Yes a whale does get itches, especially in its butt region. To itch they have to fart a lot:)

What does it mean if your hand itches?

Some superstitious thoughts state that if the palm of your hand itches you will be coming into money soon.

What does mean when the right and the left palm of hand itch?

The old superstitions said: - if your left palm itches you will loose money. - if your right palm itches you will receive money or good news. Also it is said that if your right palm itches make a wish and then rub the palm with a bit of brass, "Rub with brass, make it come to pass." - if your left foot itches you will go on a short trip. - if your right foot itches you will go on a long journey. - if your nose itches you will kiss a fool.

What does it mean if your right palm itches?

It means you will soon shake hands with stranger. Grandmother always said if your right hand itches you will be spending money soon; if your left hand itches you will be receiving money soon.

What does it mean when you right palm itches?

when your right palm itches it is supposed to mean that you are going to come into a lot of money soon

What does it mean when your itches a lot?


I have a pimple on my vagina and it itches.?

You have herpes.

Are facial itches spiritual signals?


Which itches psoriasis or eczema?


What does it mean if your nose itches?

For the most part, if your nose itches, it is because the nerve endings in the skin have been irritated in some way.

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