What is a rash that is very itchy red raised and almost looks like it has blisters and you got it after coming home from a hospital stay and it's on your lower back over your rght kidney not spreading?

It could be a reaction to soap. It could be a reaction to medicine that you were on or still on (antibiotics can give you a rash, for example). Something could have bitten you (like a spider, for example). No one (medically trained or otherwise) is able to diganose you online. That rash could be a sign of a more serious condition. A doctor needs to see the rash. In person. Contact a health professional as soon as you can! ~ T Check out this website, it has pictures and names of all kinds of serious rashes: http://www.visualdxhealth.com/diseaseGroups/itchyNewAdultSkinRashes.htm ANSWER The best idea is that if you have a rash that you got as a result of being hospitalized, it could be from medications, or from fragrances, or from other ailments that might have been in the hospital. The best thing however, is to check with your doctor. Depending on the severity, you should consider going back to the hospital that you were admitted at, and have them check you.