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What is a really good movie?

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yes no maybe so how do u expect me to know

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What is a really really good teen movie?


Is Dhoom 2 a good movie?

Dhoom 2 is a really good movie. Believe me

What is a movie that is like totoro?

her is a movie called poyno which is a really good movie!

Was the movie 7pounds a good movie?

Its really good if you like movies that make you cry :) but it did have a really good story line, and the ending was so sad, but its so cute :)

Is the movie War horse good?

yes, the movie "War horse" was really good! watch it

Can a movie rate 5 stars?

yes if it is a really good movie

Is there a second I am Number 4?

I really hope there will be. It was a really good movie.

Is p2 scary?

No, not really. But it is a good movie.

How good of a movie is twilight?

It's really good. It became a big movie. And the books have succes 2!

What is the movie the sorcerers apprentice rated?

it is rated PG. It is a really good movie.

What was the lesson in the movie of avatar?

There is no lesson learn. It just a really good movie.

Is Marley and me a good movie?

no it really left me hanging!!!!:(

What is a really good movie by a kid?

Strange Ways

What is a new really good movie?

source code

Is vampire acadamy going to be a movie?

even though it is a really really good book and they should make it into a movie it is not yet

Is Romiette and Julio going to be a movie?

well.... i not sure if it's going to be a movie, but i really think it should be because i read the book and it's really good she yeah a think that they really really really should make it into a movie. ~:)

Is the movie kites a good movie?

yes its a really good movie for children it's fantastic and fabuluos for children and adults can watch it too it's an amazing movie

Who wrote the music for that movie?

Never hear of that movie.. (But it sounds really good)Do they have it on Netflix?

What do you think about the movie a walk to remember?

Very sad. But it's a really good movie!

How is house at the end of the street Is it a good movie?

House At The End Of The Street is a good movie if you're looking for a scare. It's a really creepy movie.

Is the movie puss in boots good?

It's a really good movie, if you haven't seen it yet, you should totally see it.

What is a really good violent werewolf movie?

Dog Soldiers

What is a really good movie that starts with n?

New Moon

Is the Hunger Games a really good movie?

Yes. It is awesome.

How is the movie The Vow?

i have heard from numerous peoples that its really good

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