What is a romantic word starting with the letter i?

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What are some romantic words for a proposal?

Answer . You should simply say what is in your heart even if it comes out silly or corny. My husband got down on one knee, stuttered, stammered, took my hand, looked into my eyes and said he wanted me to be his wife. I thought it was sweet and I didn't think he was silly or corny.

How do you be romantic?

Do little gestures. They do not need to cost anything at all even.Never forget to tell them you love them, or that you are lucky tohave them. The power of words is amazing. Find out what yoursignificant other thinks is romantic.

How can you be romantic?

I'm going to assume you're a guy.... Buy her flowers, chocolate, dinner. Dress up - wear a suit or tuxedo if the occasion calls for it. If you have a talent, use it - if you play guitar, play her favorite ballad. If you play the bagpipes, find something else to do instead. If you can make things out ( Full Answer )

How to be romantic?

The first romantic tip is; be spontaneous! The next tip is letting your partner to know what you like, then do something special for him or her, so that he or she has an idea about being romantic! Furthermore, being romantic doesn't have to take a lot of time or excessive efforts. It can be as simpl ( Full Answer )

What can you do to be romantic?

ANSWER: Oh! you poor thing, to become romantic is not hard. All you have to do is let your heart tells you what you wanted to do. Your heart will help you feel how special this person is to you. Just be yourself and let your heart do all the magic..

You want some romantic word toexpress your love?

Answer . Answer. Most women will find this expression the most romantic in the world. Honey or babe, you can't imagine how you make me feel when I am with you and I want you to know, babe, you are the light of my life, I love you.. You don't have to use those exact words, but anything close to ( Full Answer )

What are some romantic words you can say to a girl to make her like you?

=) i remember when i was like this not so long ago. you don't need any specific words. just say whats from the heart. but don't go OTT.. just... be nice. compliment her. but if youre not sure she likes you just treat her as someone new like a friend. not anything specifically to do with her and rela ( Full Answer )

When was romantic?

Romaticism in literature and the arts in Germany had its heyday from about 1795-1830 or slightly later and continued in a rather trite form for several decades. Please note that by no means all works produced in this period were Romantic. Germany also had a very strong pre-Romantic movement in lit ( Full Answer )

What are some romantic things you can do when you first start dating a girl?

Bring flowers or candy or a gift that she likes nothing too fancy because its the firts date such as a single rose or candy bar. Open doors for her and hug her in the movie theatre with the lights off don't get pushy because she may think you want more than just to put your arm around her. Also ligh ( Full Answer )

Romantic words that start with you?

MAybe the only romantic word starting w/ "you".... maybe is just the simple word YOU, because i cudn't find any...but maybe these can help you ....Alluring . Kisses . Embracing . Voyage . Blossoms . Stars . Angel . Lover . Elation . Sensuality . Heart . Giving . Darling ( Full Answer )

Romantic words in french?

love amour love at first sight le coup de foudre friendship amitié I love you Je t'aime I love you too Moi aussi, je t'aime How to say I love you in French - step by step I adore you Je t'adore Will you marry me? Veux-tu m'épouser ? to ( Full Answer )

What romantic words start with the letter a?

Some romantic words that start with the letter a are: adore adorable admirable admire affection affectionate alluring amazing amour amorous angel angelic aphrodisiac Aphrodite awesome

When did the new romantic phase start?

True New Romanticism started in 1979, centered around a nightclub named "Blitz" in London. Musical examples from the time include Visage, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, etc...

What does the word romantic mean today?

romantic nower days is known as : Ether going to the movies , or clubbing and more younger things... Nower days romantic isent used and isent as popular as it was 10 years ago, romanitic is seen as going out for dinner and eating food not something else ..

Who started the Romantic era?

It is generally considered to be Beethoven, though a few minor composers born before him also take credit.

You want to see example of scam romantic letters?

You have to understand that there is no standard format for such things. In the "sweetheart scam", the con tries to get to know the victim first, then tailors the letter to say whatever the victim needs to hear to send money. So the letter might say something along the lines of, "As soon as I can ( Full Answer )

How can be romantic?

Send her a big bunch of roses with a little tag saying a little love poem or "Roses are red, violets are blue, my love for you is very true", or take her out on a candle lit meal and get the person at the resteraunt to bring out some flowers and put on her favourite song, or take her to a very priva ( Full Answer )

Do boys like romantic letters?

yes. lol. My guy went crazy when I did that. Tell him how lovely you think he is and that you are so happy when you are with him and he will be so pleased.

What are the best romantic words to say to your girlfriend?

think excactly how you feel about her....then put it into words,girls love poetry so sumthin like if she has blue eyes say_ your blue eyes glisten like the stars in the sky...girls love to hear good comments about themselves so anything you say as long as you mean it from you heart you cant mess up! ( Full Answer )

How do you start a romantic relationship with one of your close friends?

If you want to have a relationship with a close friend especially if you want it "romantic" you have to take it easy and slow. Try to find out more about that person , try to see if he or she trusts you enough . Then make a commitment don't start too fast it might sound like you just want something ( Full Answer )

What are some romantic words that begin with the letter V?

Some words that a person may use to describe their romanticinterest and that start with the letter V are: vivacious,voluptuous, vibrant. Another romantic word that starts with theletter V is "valentine. "

What words has a romantic connotation?

Adoring, attractive, beautiful, breathtaking, darling, dreamy. desirable, exquisite, exiting, fragrant, gorgeous, heartfelt, kissed, joyous, loving, lovely, passionate, radiant. warm hearted

How can you get romantic words?

you can say to a man or woman"listen its not bout the way you look its about the way u are."

What romantic words start with f?

Answer Fascinating, feisty, flushed, feminine, fascinating, fine, forgiving, fond, fervent, fulfilled, fresh, flowing, frisky, fragrant.

Romantic words in Japanese?

what, do you want me to whisper romantic words in your ear in Japanese or are you asking How do you say "romantic words" in Japanese? Romanchikku na kotoba

Which of these words best describes the music of the Romantic period?

You did not give us the words, but here's a suggestion. The Romantic period was the era of such great classical composers as Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Schubert, and Chopin. Some words to describe the music of this period would be innovative, creative, and emotional.

Are there any romantic parts in the boys start the war books?

do you mean the boy/girl battle series by phyllis reynold naylor or another series because if you mean the boy/girl battle series than there was the book A Spy Among the Girls where Beth Malloy and Josh Hatford were in love and i read on google that the book The Boys Return also has some signs of ro ( Full Answer )

Is the word romantic an adjective?

Yes it is. Well yes, you have to think can i be romantic? And you can! Try other words like paper. Can you do paper? No:)

What romantic words can you make with uidnuhse?

Here are the words. You can decide which ones are romantic. 2-letter words de, eh, en, es, he, hi, id, in, is, ne, nu, sh, si, uh, un, us 3-letter words dei, den, des, die, din, due, dui, dun, edh, end, ens, hen, hes, hid, hie, hin, his, hue, hun, ids, ins, nus, sei, sen, she, sin, sue, ( Full Answer )

What romantic word can be make from auauidnvhsen?

Here are the word options. You can decide which words are romantic. 2-letter words aa, ad, ae, ah, ai, an, as, da, de, eh, en, es, ha, he, hi, id, in, is, na, ne, nu, sh, si, uh, un, us 3-letter words aah, aas, ads, aha, aid, ain, ais, ana, and, ane, ani, ash, ava, ave, dah, dei, den, de ( Full Answer )