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It's best to follow these general rules while listening to your iPod:

  • Keeping the volume below 60%* is the safest way to go.
  • Avoid listening for more than four hours at 70% volume. It is not recommended that you listen any louder than 70%.
  • Listening to 80% volume for more than an hour per day will be harmful to your ears over time.
  • That time limit shrinks to 10 minutes at 90% volume.
  • Listening at full volume for more than three minutes per day will seriously damage your ears over time.
It's important to know that these rules apply to the typical adult. Young ears may sustain damage more easily. In addition, your own ears' "toughness" may be more or less than typical. However, it's impossible to know how resistant your ears are until irreversible hearing loss starts to become noticeable. It's best to take precautions in order to avoid hearing loss and be careful not to turn the dial any louder than it needs to be.

Also, listeners tend to raise the volume to dangerous levels when they are in loud and noisy environments. Try to avoid these environments while listening to your iPod. You may also want to consider purchasing noise-canceling or noise-isolating earphones. When used properly, these earphones have been shown to prevent listeners from raising the volume to dangerous levels on order to block out outside noise.

*Note that these volume levels apply specifically to the Apple iPod brand of portable music players. Other music players may operate at different volume levels.

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How can a Ipod destroy your volume of hearing?

it can damage your hearing if you have the volume to high

What volume is best to have your iPod on?

Whatever volume is comfortable for your ears. However, it is not recommended to ever turn your iPod up to full volume due to ear damage, because if you need to turn your iPod up that much, then your surroundings may be too loud, and the loud music you might be listening to could damage your ears.

Why an ipod played at high volume can damage your hearing?

it will if you listen to it on high for a long period of time

What are you risking when you are listening to an iPod?

Nothing really, unless you blast the volume. If you keep it at a reasonable volume level, you'll be fine.

IPod volume button turns of the iPod. Why?

The ipod volume button is at the left-hand side of your ipod, the on/off button is at the top. Maybe you confused.

How do you make all your songs the same volume level?

you go to settings and click volume and then you set it to how high you wanted and press the play button on the ipod nano you are wellcome

Will jawbreaking a iPod damage your iPod?

no itll make it better

How do I fix my iPod touch if the volume doesn't work?

if you have the ipod touch generation1 then there is no volume unless you have ear buds.

What if your iPod Touch doesn't have a volume control?

The iPod touch must have a volume control. You can control the volume by either clicking the two buttons on the side of the iPod touch, or you can move the circle on your screen left to right to adjust the volume.If it doesn't have either of those two options, your iPod Touch is broken.

How do you limit the volume on an iPod?

For an iPod Touch, go into setting, then music. Turn volume limit on and select the desired maximum volume. For classic iPod, go into settings, and there's volume limit. I've never had any other type of iPod, but I'd assume it would always be under setting somewhere.

How much does it cost to repair ipod touch?

It depends on the damage done to the iPod. If it is an internal processor damage, which is unable to be fixed, then you will probably have to pay for a whole new iPod which runs at about $200.

How do you turn the volume up and down on a FAKE iPod nano?

A FAKE iPod Nano usually has a volume key with two arrows. The upper arrow raises the volume while the lower button will reduce the volume.

Can an iPod at the maximum volume go above 120 decibels?

Yes. An iPod at the maximum volume can go up to 130 decibels with the headphones on.

Will jailbreaking your iPod lead to computer damage?

no it wont but it might make your ipod slow

Can downloading songs onto an iPod damage it?

If you are downloading songs from an illegal website such as Frostwire or Limewire, then a virus may be attached to it that could damage the iPod.

Can the sun damage your iPod?

Yes, the sun can damage your iPod. If left out in the sun long enough, the sun will heat up the iPod Touch to unsafe temperatures, and could cause internal structures to not work properly.

Why is my Ipod volume not working?

Probably the reason your volume is not working is either you have an outage in your headphones (so get new headphones) or you have a two set ipod outage. Which you can get fixed.

Why doesn't my Ipod touch show the volume bar with headphones out?

the volume bar is at the bottom.

How do you get the volume up on your ipod but its locked?

hahah you can't.

Can an iPod touch have a level?


Does it damage your Ipod if you run with it in a loose pocket regularly?


How do you beat level 99 on 100 Floors?

Turn up the volume for + Turn down the volume for - Plug in or take out speakers/headphones/ear buds for + on 1st generation iPod (I don't know how to make - on the iPod, sorry, feel free to improve my answer, hopefully including a way to make - with the iPod) + x = x - is the order of the symbols, press the buttons at the bottom and make sure you type them in this order. They will appear at the top.

Will it damage the screen if you touch it on an ipod touch?

no chance of damage under normal use but if you press the screen really hard that can damage the screen

How do you control the volume on an ipod?

It depends on which iPod you're talking about, but on most of them you just slide your finger around the clicker.

How can you listen to video by iPod touch?

tun up the volume