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Holden of course. Holden is the first car in Australia to have ESP standard on every model in the commodores. Holdens are stronger than fords, Holdens will withstand nearly everything on road etc. Fords don't even have a chance. Holdens are more safer then Fords.

That's a load!!

how many fords have you seen on the side of the road billowing with smoke... 0. and u've seen at 75 holdens

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Q: What is a safer car Holden or Ford?
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What is the most popular sports car in Australia?

Popular brands are ford and Holden

These makes of cars were owned by families of 6T Holden Ford and Toyota which make of car is most popular?


Which car is better Holden or Ford?

Holden, because Fords breaks down more often.Holden uses ford chassis and running gear for the 'race day'.Ford is by far the this even a real question? No-one should have to ask.

What year was holden and Ford made?

what year was the first Holden and ford ever made

What came out first holden or Ford?


WHERE was the holden car made?

Australia- Holden is the only Australian make of car.

Who invented the car Holden?

James Alexander Holden

Why do some cars have the gas cap on right side of car?

Just to be diffrent, like the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore

Which country produced the Holden Car?

Holden is produced by Australia, its headquarters is in Port Melbourne in the state of Victoria. The company was founded by James Alexander Holden in 1856, originally a saddlery manufacturer. There is a rivalry in Australia between Holden and Ford and drivers tend to be fiercely loyal to one or the other.

How do you change the car with the Holden desktop car?


Is Holden or Ford more popular in Australia?

Holden is more popular, followed by Ford. There was a brief period in the 1980's when the Commodore slowed Holden's dominance and the Ford Falcon was the preferred vehicle.This was the time of the Peter Brock - Commodore vs Dick Johnson - Falcon rivalry in Australian motor racing, reflected in the population as well! The best selling car EVER in any country across the world is a ford so obviously ford is the most popular

What are example of Transnational Corporation?

McDonalds and other fast food firms, Ford, Holden and other major car manufactures, etc.

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