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worth 243 savage boltaction

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Q: What is a savage model 110 cal 243 bolt action worth?
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Savage 30 06 bolt action worth?

what is savage bolt action 30 06 worth

What year model is a savage model 170 30-30 pump a598561?

what is a 16ga bolt action j.c.higgens model 58314 worth

What is the Savage Arms Model 73 bolt action .22 worth?

50-60 dollars in good condition.

Stevens-savage 22 model 15?

what can you tell me about the [ Stevens -savage 22 bolt action model 15

What is the difference between a Savage model 110E and Model 110?

The Savage model 110 is a repeating bolt-action rifle. The Savage model 110E is the same as the Savage model 110.

Value of model 840 Springfield Savage 30 30 bolt action rifle?

I asked, What is the value, Worth of a "Model 840 (eight,four,zero) Savage, Bolt Action,30-30 W/3 rnd. clip, Of Springfield Arms, Westfield, Mass."

What is the value of a Savage Arms springfield model 120 22 bolt action rifle?

A Springfield model 120 22 caliber bolt action rifle can be worth 100$-250$ depending on the year it was made and the condition it is in.

How much is 410 savage bolt action model 18c?

About $200-300

What is the value of a savage Stevens mode15 single shot bolt action 22 LR?

a model 15 in excellent condition is worth about $125.00.

What is a springfield savage arms model 246 bolt action tube fed 22 rifle worth?

I have one and paid $150.00 for it in mint condition.

What is the value of a 1953 savage model 340A bolt action 30.30?


What is the value of a Savage Arms shotgun MODEL 58 16 GAGE BOLT ACTION?

The Savage Arms model 58 16 gage bolt action shotgun is valued at $150 in good condition. It is valued at $50 in fair condition.

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