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What is a search engine?


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A search engine is a software program or script available through the internet that searches documents and files for keywords and returns the results of any files containing those keywords. Today, there are thousands of different search engines available on the Internet, each with their own abilities and features. The first search engine ever developed is considered Archie, which was used to search for FTP files and the first text-based search engine is considered Veronica. Today, the most popular and well known search engine is Google.
A search engine is a way of finding out things.


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No Google is not a meta search engine. One of the oldest from 1999 and best is All the Internet. All the Internet is the biggest and best meta search engine on the Internet. It combines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & Wikipedia into one search engine. So it 3x the size of the Google search index.

Pottermore does not have a search engine.

Most of the user are prefer this search engine to search product or services because it is more accurate result than other search engine.

Yes, album image can be searched by search engine if and only if that search engine should cralwl that image.

Search Engine Inclusion tells you if your web page has been indexed by the various search engines. Placement on the search engines requires submission to each search engine individually.

Yes, a search engine is a website.

Yes AltaVista is a search engine.

It is an Organic Search engine.

Yes, Bing is a search engine.

exactly Google is a search engine. Google is not just giving you a site about your searches now google also gives you answers.

Google is the best search engine for search people.

It is important to have a search engine so you can search for web sites. der

Calvin Little is the creator of the search engine AOL

Put content related keyword in the search engine then find.

Google is a profitable search engine.

What is the newest search engine, or ?

Search Engines are designed to help you search the Internet.

it is a engine where you search images, or videos, such as multimedia

A data mining application is another name for a search engine. Or another name for a search engine is a computational statement of search and index.

These are professional worker who doing SEO practices to reach the first page of search engine result using the certain keyword.

A Web search engine is designed to search for information on the Internet. Search engine index is collection of data in a search engine (database) to facilitate fast and accurate information finding.

An open search engine is a standardized search format that can be used by anyone. A closed search engine limits the search functionality and sometimes can only be accessed by specific people.

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