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What is a seminal article?

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A seminal article, or "seminal work", is one that has within it the ideas that spawn a great deal of useful research or creative production in a given field.

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What is the difference between seminal receptacles and seminal vesicles in earthworms?

Seminal receptacles is the beginning of the reproductive system in the earthworm. Seminal vesicles is where the sperm are produced.

What is a sentence for the word Seminal?

He smelled like seminal

What are the structures that produce seminal fluid?

The seminal vesicle

What structures add secretions to seminal fluid?

Seminal vesicles

How do you use seminal in a sentence?

that's a very seminal question.

Do girls have a seminal vesicle?

No. Only males have seminal vesicles.

What gland produces seminal fluid?

The seminal vesicles and prostate gland produce a whitish fluid called seminal fluid

What is the function of the seminal receptacles?

The function of the seminal receptacles is to receive semen.

What is the function of the seminal receptacle in an earthworm?

seminal receptacle = semen receiver.

What is the opposite word for seminal?

Do you mean "seminal" as in sperm, or the term that means original, or the one that means important? Because seminal can mean all of these things.Some antonyms for seminal, as in original, are "commonplace" and "conventional", and some antonyms for seminal, as in important, are "unimportant" and "irrelevant".Hope this helps.

What is the seminal vesicle?

The seminal vesicleis a male-specific structure which is about 2 inches or 5 centimeters long and is located behind the urinary bladder and above the prostate gland. The seminal vesiclesare also called glandulae vesiculosae or vesicular glands. The seminal vesicles are composed of a pair of simple tubular glands. The seminal vesicleis a very important organ in the male. The importance of the seminal vesicle lies in that the seminal vesiclessecrete a significant proportion of the fluid which ultimately becomes semen. The two seminal vesiclescontribute about 60 percent of the fluids passed from the human male during ejaculation. That is to say, the secretion of the seminal vesiclesconstitutes the bulk of the semen. It is a thick fluid that contains the sugar fructose. Generally speaking, seminal vesiculitisisan inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Although it may occur independently, seminal vesiculitis is most often secondary to prostatitis.

What do a frog's seminal vesicles do?

store the sperm and the seminal recepticals receive sperm

What is primarily produced by the seminal vesicles and prostate gland?

Seminal fluid and sperm

What organ is near the seminal vesicles?

Prostate organ is near the seminal vesicles.

What does the seminal vesicles do in a earth worm?

Earthworms do not have semen, therefore that have no seminal vesicles.

What is the pH of seminal fluid?

The seminal fluid is slightly alkaline with a pH of 7-8.

Gland produces a fluid component of seminal fluid?

The glands that produce a fluid component of seminal fluid are called seminal vesicles. They also lubricate and nourish the sperm.

Do the vas deferens enter the seminal vesicles?

The seminal vessicles are connected to the epididymis which is connected to the vas deferens, but the seminal vessicels and the vas deferens don't connect directly.

What is the function of the seminal receptacles in a earthworm?

Te seminal receptacles are part of the earthworms reproductive system.

Where seminal vesicles are located?

Seminal Vesicles are located near urinary bladder [ almost below it ] .

What organ produces a secretion that contains fructose prostaglandins and fibrinogen?

seminal gland (seminal vesicle)

What is the differences between the cat and the human seminal vesicle?

Cats do not have seminal vesicles therefore there is no difference.

Is sperm the largest constituent by volume of seminal fluid?

No. Seminal fluid is only about 10% sperm.

How is urine differentiated from seminal fluid?

seminal fluid -noun the fluid component of semen, excluding the sperm.---- i got this information from:\

What three accessory glands produce seminal fluid?

Seminal vesicles, prostate gland and bulbourethral glands.