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I told Jimmy that pouring oil in the water would contaminate it but he didn't listen.


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Detectives wear gloves so as to not contaminate the evidence.

I can give you several sentences.The pollution will contaminate that water!Don't contaminate the salsa by double-dipping.The evil scientist plans to contaminate the ocean.

To touch a sterile field with bare hands would contaminate it.

The bacteria on unwashed hands will contaminate any foodstuffs they touch.

Sewage from cities continues to contaminate areas of the Great Lakes. Fishermen feared that oil from the spill would contaminate seafood in the area. Exposure to radioactive water can contaminate equipment in a nuclear reactor.

Officials worried that leaking chemicals would contaminate local drinking water supplies. Fallout from a nuclear explosion can contaminate nearby ships with radioactive dust.

i have contaminate the food by putting my dirty hand on the food.

Cross, as in cross contaminate.

no The young plants will not contaminate the compost the pesticides that contaminate must be applied after planting.

If it is open, the acid will contaminate it.

feaces and also urine can contaminate water,

Over one billion bacteria can contaminate the surface of a fomite. Bacteria can contaminate any kind of surface in seconds.

Yes, raw chicken can contaminate anything it touches.

The noun forms for the verb to contaminate are contaminator, contaminant, contamination, and the gerund, contaminating.

Inclusion is a noun that refers to the act of including or state of being included. Here is an example sentence: The inclusion of one item made of the wrong kind of plastic can contaminate the entire batch.

Not washing your hands would is one most common ways to contaminate a culture.

contaminate is the root word ther is no root word

Two reasons: your food could contaminate your experiment, and the experiment could contaminate your food.

Food handlers can contaminate food if they haven't washed their hands or aren't wearing gloves. They can also contaminate food by sneezing or coughing over it, or not wearing a hair net in some cases.

Rotten is a general term, but if it is rotten because of a fungus (such as moldy bread), then yes it does contaminate other food.

It is very common for a person who is menstruating to contaminate a urine sample. Of course, contaminated urine samples are very common in general.

Chemicals in the lab might contaminate the food - causing poisoning. The food might contaminate an experiment - making the results invalid.

Contaminate it prior to application.

Contaminate Mars with an unclean drillbit.

To make something dirty or impure

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