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Today in class our teacher taught us that people in ancient Rome used sharp spears to fight against animals in the Colosseum.

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Q: What is a sentence with the words sharp spear?
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How do you use the word spear in a sentence?

you use spear as a noun or verb.Examples:Noun: His spear was always kept sharp if any unwanted visitors were to come.Verb: I want you to spear that dummy right in the chest, soldier!

What kind of simple machine is a spear?

A spear is a sharp piece of something attached to a stick

Weapon with long shaft and sharp head?


Write a sentence with the word spear?

Please be careful with that spear, Edgar.

How do you spell speer?

The surname may be Speer, Spear, or Spier.The common word is spear (a sharp pole weapon, or to stab, impale).

What type of literary element is illustrated in the passages your spear and your sharp sword?

The literary element illustrated in the passage "your spear and your sharp sword" is personification, where human characteristics are attributed to inanimate objects. In this case, the spear and sword are given the ability to possess characteristics of strength and sharpness as if they were living beings.

What were the headlines after a mad scientist trained two eggs to attack a candy store with sharp sticks?

eggs spear a mintEggs spear a mint no spaces

What was the atl-atl used for?

an atl-atl was used for hunting. it is the sharp part of the spear.

Can a cave man kill a cave bear?

Only if he has a long and sharp enough spear with him.

Why doesn't the fish spear that Brian makes work?

The fish spear that Brian makes does not work because it is not sharp enough to penetrate the fish's skin. Additionally, the spear lacks enough stability and weight to be effective in catching fish underwater. Brian learns from this experience and later creates a more effective spear using a sharp tip and a heavier, more balanced design.

How do you use hone in a sentence?

You can use "hone" in a sentence like this: "He spent hours honing his skills in photography to prepare for the exhibition."

What where the headlines after a mad scientist trained two eggs to attack a candy store with sharp stick?

eggs spear a mint -no spaces