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A person who collects shoes as a hobbyist, shoes not to be worn but to illustrate the history, variety, or culture of shoes, would be called a 'shoe collector'.

A person who collects shoes because they have a pathological addiction to acquiring shoes would be a 'shoe addict'.


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book collector Bibliophile: A lover or collector of books

A bibliophile is a book collector.

Bibliophila refers to a love of books, so a bibliophile is a book collector.

a book collector Love sex

Bibliophile is the term for a book collector.

A bibliophile.Book collector?Librarian?

Antiquarian or perhaps Bibliophile

A shoe collector is just that, a shoe collector. I do not believe there is an actual name for that.

A bibliophile is a person who loves books, or a person who collects books, not necessarily for the purpose of reading them.

This is someone who loves books. Here are some sentences.I've always been a bibliophile.A true bibliophile will buy a book just because it feels good in their hand.

A person who is obsessed with book is a bibliophile.

A bibliophile is someone who loves books. I am a bibliophile. We have a bibliophile club at school.

bookworm Or perhaps more formally, a bibliophile.

It is obvious! the name is a thing you call shoe collector!

Bibliophile. This is a suitable term in English, as well.

avid reader, book lover, bibliophile, savant

The Book Collector was created in 1952.

The cast of The Shoe Collector - 2003 includes: Christopher Tudor as Man Rhianydd Wynne as Woman

a wierd person or shopperholic

Bibliophile is another word for book lover. It describes a person who collects or is very fond of books. This could be someone like a librarian or someone who simply likes to read.

A bibliophile is a person who loves or collects books.

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