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A shortcut is just a link to another file of any type. Typically, shortcuts link to executables (EXE files) but they can also link to data files. Shortcuts can be configured by right-clicking and selecting Properties. The Target is the file that is linked to the shortcut. You can safely delete a shortcut without affecting the target file.

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Q: What is a shortcut on the desktop?
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How do you create Google Talk shortcut on desktop?

shortcut on my desktop

What is the shortcut to the desktop on a macbook?

When you turn your Macbook on it automatically goes to the desktop. No shortcut needed.

How do you put a shortcut on your desktop?

You right click on your desktop, then you click new, then click on shortcut. Next you type in an address for your shortcut, e.g. Finally type a name for your shortcut.

How can you create a desktop shortcut in Windows 2000?

right click on the file or folder ->select send to ->desktop (create shortcut) .

How do you create a desktop shortcut for Paint?

In order to create a desktop shortcut for Paint in Windows XP, you will need to go to: Start > Accessories and Right Click on Paint. From the new window, click on "Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut)". Paint should now be available from the desktop.

How you used window media player in shortcut?

by double click shortcut on the desktop.

How do you sent a shortcut to a desktop?

Right-click on the .exe file & select "send to/desktop (create shortcut)" from the displayed menu. You can then relocate the shortcut if you don't want it on the desktop (by either drag-&-drop or cut-&-paste) to a new location.

How do you save a shortcut to Gmail on your desktop?

You cannot have a shortcut because it is not a desktop application. However you can have a Bookmark of it. Bookmarks serve the same purpose as shortcuts.

How do i place a YouTube video on my desktop?

First you go to your desktop right click then press new and then shortcut. then copy the URL and put it on the shortcut

How can you open your webcam?

Click on the shortcut on your desktop.

How do you make a desktop icon?

If you are trying to create a desktop shortcut of a program you have installed:1. Find the program that you want to create the shortcut for.2. Right click the icon and hover over: 'send to'3. A new menu will drop down to the right; click: 'desktop (create shortcut)'4. A working desktop icon will be placed for you.An alternate method to creating a desktop shortcut:1. Go to your desktop.2. Right click on an empty space and hover over: 'new'3. Click: 'shortcut'4. A window will appear asking you to locate the program on your computer.5. Follow the instructions to locate the program, and then name the shortcut.6. A shortcut will placed on the desktop for you.

How do you create a shortcut on your desktop?

There are two ways: 1. Right click your desktop and select New > Shortcut. 2. Find the file that you want to create a shorcut for and select Send To > Desktop

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