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If the rash is in a circle shape, very red and angry looking or even dark brown and on the edge of the rash there is small red pimples - this is caused by a fungal infection. You need to see your Doctor for this. If the rash is on the top inside area of your thighs and this is the first time it has happened, you will also need to see your Doctor for this.

Meanwhile change underwear daily, wash twice a day with non-perfumed soap and apply Sudocrem cream to the affected area. Also make sure you towel dry properly.

In the case of a fungal infection, medication is required to treat this. Usually Timodene or a anti-fungal cortisteroid cream which will be prescribed by your Doctor. Don't let anyone share your flannes or towels and also disinfect the toilet seat after use so you do not spread the fungal infection.

In the case of a "sweat rash" you need to wash the affected area twice a day, pay particular attention to making sure you towel dry thoroughly and also apply Sudocrem cream 3 times a day. If there is no improvement in 5 days, see your Doctor. Avoid nylon underwear and try to keep the affected area dry.

If it's hot and your sweaty and your thighs touch, then it is the friction of the rubbing when you walk, it will cause a red sometimes bumpy rash and it hurt, if this is not what caused yours then talk to your doctor but if it is a really good lotion will work nicely, an oh yeah it will happen in cold dry weather as well. If you wear jeans or tight fitting clothing, then it can cause a "heat rash" or "friction rash" and in men it can cause in-grown hairs. A good lotion for this is "Aveeno" (stops the itching and get's rid of the redness.) Also get Epsom Salts (not like actual table salt) from your pharmacist and use a good cup in your bath water (don't have the water too hot) and lay in it for a good 20 mins., dry yourself off gently and apply the Aveeno. Epsom Salts is great for wounds and sun burn.

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Q: What is a skin rash between the legs?
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Is skin lotion good for rash between legs?

yes because it goes away after you apply it

Rash between legs?

You have herpes

Why do I have a rash on my legs after I wet the bed?

Urine is highly acidic. Your skin is probably sensitive to it.

What Skin symptoms does AIDS and HIV create?

HIV/AIDS causes leisions, rash (also known as HIV rash), and warts that appear in the back of the head, in the back of the ears, under the armpits, and in between the legs.

What kind of rash between legs with hard bumps and pus?

There is Dark round between legs but no ous. But it is slightly rough and no etching

What would a red non-itchy rash on my arms and legs be?

eczema or just dry skin

Why are my arms and legs red all the time?

Either your in the sun too long, you have a bad rash, or you have a skin disease

Is heat rash contagious?

Heat rash is not contagious, actually. Heat rash is caused by friction and sweating, so if it's hot and humid, you have a chance of getting heat rash in your armpits, between your legs, and on your butt.

What is a treatment for gray skin rash?

treatment for gray skin rash or gay skin rash? one is some cream and the other involves therapy

How do you cure shaving rash on your legs?

Get a skin cream and you might consider changing what you are using for shaving. Sounds like you have a reaction.

Why do bats have featherless skin between their front and back legs?

Bats have skin between their front and back legs to help them in flight. When they fly, bats spread their legs and use the skin to glide because it creates air resistance.

What are the white pimples between your toes?

It is just a skin rash. It is nothing to worry about.

Can vinegar cause a skin rash?

no, vinegar can actually help get rid of the skin rash

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

Where can I get photos of skin rash?

You can get photos of skin rash on image hosting websites. Just type skin rash pictures into a web browser and you will be provided with many results.

What rash is associated with Fabry's disease?

A raised rash of dark red-purple spots is common, especially on skin between the waistline and the knees.

Is Rashes contagious?

Heat rash is not contagious, actually. Heat rash is caused by friction and sweating, so if it's hot and humid, you have a chance of getting heat rash in your armpits, between your legs, and on your butt.

Is a skin infection the same as a rash?

Rash is a kind of skin infection so I guess it is the same

What makes your skin on your legs turn red blotchy and itchy?

Blotchy legs and or hands is sometime caused by blood pressure issues, but if your skin is red and irritated you might have either a heat rash or maybe hives caused by an allergic reaction.

Will thyroid problems cause a rash?

Yes, a thyroid problem may cause a rash. For example, Graves' Disease (autoimmune hypERthyroidism) antibodies can attack the skin, especially of the lower legs. This is known as pretibial myxedema. Low thyroid can also cause the skin to become dry and more sensitive, which may result in a rash.

Why do i sometimes get a rash on my vagina and thighs after sex?

This is most probably due to friction that is going on between you and your partner when you have sex and the strong friction is probably what is causing this rash. Try using a little oil on your legs before sex to make this easier on your skin. If you are concerned go see your doctor.

Itchy skin rash on arms and legs?

If you have just been in the bath or shower it could be a heat rash. If it's always there then it could be eczema*. you could, however, just be allergic to whatever you're waching with.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

Some common symptoms of varicose veins include: * Aching pain * Easily tired legs * Leg heaviness * Swelling in the legs * Darkening of the skin (in severe cases) * Numbness in the legs * Itching or irritated rash in the legs

What is a purplish-blue rash under the skin on your legs and buttocks?

It could be ruptured blood vessels or spider veins; see a doctor.

What is a rash that is between the legs and has red stretch mark looking dots and slightley itches?

It soundslike friction rash to me, do your legs rub together when u walk - if so ensure that u apply a cream/lotion to the legs when wearing skirts or garments that allow the skin on the legs to contact each other. As for the itching, this may simply be cause by the friction but if u shave the tops of your legs this may be a shaving rash which would cause the itching - you probably find it is worse during summer months. avoid shaving the area - wax instead and if its a case of the legs touching when u walk - always moisturise - daily is best and exfoliate at least twice a week...