What is a slave auction?

Slave auctions were places where people were sold as slaves to other people. In slave auctions, families were split up and sold to different owners for different amounts of money. Slave auctions were extremely traumatising to all the slaves. Millions of families were split up never to be seen again.Typically the largest slaves were the first to go because they were believed to be able to do more work. However, many women were sold away from little ones and husbands due to a master's need for a good cook and housekeeper. Many auctions were also meeting places to discuss the war and other important issues at the time.
scramble- a method of buying slaves, a set price is agreed before the buyers rush to get the best slave
auction- a public sale upon which goods are sold for the highest price offered
slave traders made slaves look better by putting tar on their wounds, sores and ulcers.