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What is a speech?

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a speech is something that you want someone to know about like global warming

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What are the types of prepared speech?

Acceptance Speech..Bad news Speech..Election Speech..Entertaining Speech..Farewell Speech..Good news Speech..Informative Speech..Loser's Speech..Oratory Speech..Persuasive Speech..Presentation Speech..Speaker Introduction Speech..Speaker Thank you Speech..Welcome Speech..Winner's Speech

What are the Basic types of speech?

Informative Speech, Demonstrative Speech, Persuasive Speech, Entertaining Speech.

Speech mechanisms and organ of speech?


what is Speech Therapy?

therapy for speech

What are direct speech and indirect speech?

Direct speech involves quoting and quoted speech, where as indirect speech involves reporting speech and reported speech "'I saw everything,' said Bill" is an example of direct speech. "Bill said that he saw everything." is an example of indirect speech.

What are the forms of speech?

direct speech and indirect speech

What is a Humorous Speech?

a humorous speech is a speech that is humorous!

What part of speech is speech?

The word speech is a noun.

Kinds of speech?

speech main

What part of speech is speech is speech?


What is a speech given without preparation called?

An "ad lib speech" An "off the cuff speech" A "spontaneous speech" An "unprepared speech" A "speech from the heart" (there may be more)

What are the 4 types of speeches?

Informative speech, Persuasive speech, Commemorative speech, and Farewell speech.

What are the advantages of preferred speech?

what are the advantages of speech? what are the limitations of speech?

What is symbol in figure of speech?

the symbol speech is a speech bubble

What is an incendiary speech or statement?

Provocative speech or annoying speech

How do you change direct speech into indirect speech if the statement is imperative?

"Get out!" - direct speech He told me/her/him/them to get out. - indirect speech.

What is speech power?

speech power is a human that is in best in speech there are no wrong.and normal speech.not fast.memories the speech

Examples of valediction speech?

Do you by chance mean valedictorian speech? A valedictorian speech is called a valediction speech...

What is choric speech?

it is a speech

What is a short speech?

its a speech

What is an interesting speech topic?

an interesting speech topic is about speech bubbles

What type of speech is a valedictorian speech?

A speech given by a dux of the class

What is a speech marks?

speech marks is " " that you put it before and after someone speech

What measures the threshold of speech reception and speech discrimination?

speech audiometry

What are the special types of speech?

choric speech,ceremonial,informative speech