What is a steam turbine?

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It is an engine.
A steam turbine is a heat engine that uses the expansion of steam passing through stationary nozzles and blades on a shaft to turn the shaft. The steam can move through the turbine axially (one end of shaft to the other end), radially (shaft to outer casing), or tangentially (around the outer edges of the turbine wheel). In an impulse turbine, the steam is expanded in nozzles and pushes the blades. In a reaction turbine the steam is expanded in the nozzles AND in the blades, the reaction of the expansion of the steam pushes away from the blades spinning the wheel in the process. The expansion of the steam is necessary to increase its velocity through the turbine.
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What does steam do to a turbine?

Answer . Steam (under pressure) comes into contact with the blades of the turbine through which it is flowing and, by the direct application of force, causes the blades to move, turning the turbine shaft. The turbine coverts the thermal energy of the steam into (rotating) mechanical energy.. Sur ( Full Answer )

Do Tesla turbines work with steam?

yes, a good place to go for practical help on building one is to mail order an instructional manual from Camden Miniature Steam, in the UK: www. camden min.co.UK the same basic design can be adapted to run on compressed air, steam, or even as a combustion engine. Respectively, the material requireme ( Full Answer )

What makes steam turbine turn?

The build up of steam pressure acting on the turbine blades which in turn causes them to spin. It then turns a shaft and in industry drives a generator to make power. Ross

What are the parts of steam turbine?

Steam turbine is a machine that extracts thermal energy frompressurized steam. It is made up of casing essential to which theblades are attached onto it and a rotor that carries the movingblades.

Definition of a steam turbine?

I think I can get the definition which I have studied in My college . A Steam Turbine can be defined as a Mechanical Device which generates Kinetic energy with the help Thermal energy from Steam into Mechanical Energy.

What is the lifetime of a steam-powered turbine?

The lifetime of a steam-powered turbine is approximately fiftyyears. However, it generally depends on the upkeep and maintenanceput into the turbine to keep it working.

What is the function of a diffusor in a steam turbine?

as a geometrical analysis of the diffuser, the cross sectional area will be increased and converts the pressure into velocity, so the steam pressure will be drops and its velocity will be increased.

What causes steam cutting in steam turbines?

When steam contains liquid droplets while doing work at hightemperatures, the water droplets can etch metal. To combat this,steam can be superheated or the pressure of the system is reduced.

What is gland steam in case of steam turbine?

Gland Steam is provided to prevent air from entering the steam chest. If air enters the chest and system it reduces the vacuum in the system thereby lowering the efficiency of the unit.

How are steam turbines used?

Most commonly, to drive generators for producing electricity. The steam itself can be created by burning fossil fuels like coal, by burning biofuels, by a nuclear reactor, or by a solar furnace.

How steam turbine rotate by steam?

steam turbine have a lot of cavities at it sides in which when steam enters due to so many cavity so many force and it rotates turbine

Why is gland steam required in steam turbines?

The purpose of the gland steam system is to reduce steam leakage to a minimum and to prevent air ingress. Steam leakage leads to the requirement for increased make up; this increases the load on the feed and boiler water treatment chemicals and to a deterioration of the working environment surround ( Full Answer )

What is differential expansion in steam turbine?

differential expansion is refer to differential distance between rotor blade and fix blade.rotor expand to ward generator and casing expand toward control valve.when temperature increase ,expansion in casing and rotor.so rotor mass is less than casing which rotor expand more than casing.

Steam turbine gas turbine difference?

Steam turbines are used in all of our major coal fired power stations to drive the generators or alternators, which produce electricity. The turbines themselves are driven by steam generated in ' Boilers ' or ' Steam Generators ' as they are sometimes called. Energy in the steam after it leaves the ( Full Answer )

How do you steam turbine work?

Steam blasts through the blades of the turbine, causing it to spin. This rotates a coil placed inside of a magnetic field, forcing an induced electromagnetic current through the wires. This current can be used for any application requiring electricity. For further information, research: "Electr ( Full Answer )

What are the applications of steam turbine?

Steam turbine could be prime movers where ever requirement of torque as in-put is their. Viz Generator, compressor, blowers, fans, pumps etc

What is the diffrential expansion of steam turbine?

When the high temperature steam flows the turbine , the turbine casing and the rotor gets heated up. The turbine cylinder as well as the rotor both expand. The difference of expansion between turbine cylinder and the rotor is called as the Differential Expansion. When the rotor expansion is more t ( Full Answer )

What is steam turbine overspeed tester?

Over speed test will be executed to ensure that the pump will tripped due to over speed. There is an electronic tripped set point by governor valve closing when the actual speed reach to maximum governor speed as well as Mechanical trip which will occur when the speed reach to electronic tripped and ( Full Answer )

What is steam turbine governor valve?

In large turbines, a valve controls steam flow to groups of nozzles. The number of open valves controls the number of nozzles in use according to the load. A bar-lift or cam arrangement operated by the governor opens and closes these valves in sequence. Such a device is a multi-port valve. Using noz ( Full Answer )

How do you make steam driven turbines?

Most of the parts are created using a combination of casting techniques and precision machining. The tolerances are extremely precise given the very high speeds involved in the rotors and stators. You are essentially making a very large fan. The steam is under pressure and is released into the turbi ( Full Answer )

How does a steam engine differ from a steam turbine?

Technically a steam turbine is a particular type of steam engine. A classic steam engine usually refers to a reciprocating steam engine, which uses a piston and crank arrangement, where pressurised steam (from the boiler) forces the piston through its stroke, producing output power. A steam turbi ( Full Answer )

What type of energy is in a steam turbine?

Steam turbines convert steam, no matter how the steam is produced, into rotational energy. This can be connected to a generator to produce electricity for instance.

Why vacuum is required in steam turbine?

The steam turbine is a device to convert the heat energy in steam to mechanical power. The difference between the heat of steam per unit mass at the inlet to the turbine and the heat of steam per unit mass at the outlet to the turbine represents the heat which is converted to mechanical power. There ( Full Answer )

What is hunting in steam turbines?

When the steam turbine can not maintain its selected or designed speed.Type your answer here... Speed fluctuating from low to high speed continously.

What is the classification of steam turbine?

Classifications of steam turbines: According to Principle: 1. Impulse Type 2. Reaction Type. According to Application: 1. Condensing 2. Non-condensing

What is the working principle of steam turbine?

The Steam Turbine is the one which steam worked pressured Hot and exited then the shaft of the turbine starts to and fro motion due which energy is injected through nozzle in the receiver.

What is steam turbine Turbine Stress Evaluator?

The Turbine Stress Evaluator (TSE) calculates and monitors the operational heat stresses of the turbine during every operational phase. The goal is to achieve continuous optimization between material stresses on the turbine and flexibility in reacting to operational changes.

When were steam turbines developed?

The modern steam turbine was developed in the late nineteenth century to replace them. Westinghouse shipped its first steam turbine in 1897, a few years before rival General Electric.

What is the compounding steam turbine?

Velosity compounding:This is a combination of pressure-velocity compounding. Lets say you have superheated steam coming out of the boiler at 70 bar, which is suppose to drive a steam turbine. How many stages of blading required to reduce the pressure to acceptable exhaust pressure so that it does ( Full Answer )

What is warm rolling of steam turbine?

You don't start a large turbine cold. Typically, the lubrication system is started, the turning gear is engaged and warming steam (a small amount of steam, not enough to turn the turbine) is admitted to the turbine to warm and initially expand the shaft and casing. If this isn't done, thermal shock ( Full Answer )

Why to out bleed steam in turbine?

Due to expansion of steam in turbine steam gets moist at 10% of moist rating steam is bleed out of turbine for reheating by flue gases coming from boiler thus forms a regenerative cycle.

What does the steam turbines do in a nuclear reactor?

Primarily, the steam turbines spin the generators, which make electricity. That is the primary objective of a nuclear power plant, to make electricity. There are other steam turbines in a nuclear power plant which are used for various functions, such as High Pressure Coolant Injection and Low Pre ( Full Answer )

What is a reaction steam turbine?

Steam turbine is when a device that has the extract thermal energy from pressurized steam. It is used to do mechanical work on a rotating output shaft. The steam turbine was invented by Sir Charles Parsons in 1884.

What is steam velocity in turbine?

That is how fast the steam is actually moving in the turbine. Forimpulse turbines it is twice as fast as the turbine blades. Inreaction turbines it is the same speed as the blades. Because theblades of a turbine cannot move faster than 4500 feet per secondwithout self destructing as it overcomes the ( Full Answer )

What is vaccume breaker in steam turbine?

A vacuum breaker is a check valve installed on the exhaust casing of a turbine. It opens to prevent the collapse of the exhaust hood when the turbine cools and the condensing steam produces a vacuum.

What is steam turbine rotor eccintricity?

Eccentricity is the deflection in the shaft away from truly straight. The turbine shaft when not turning will settle into a bowed shape (measured in thousandths of an inch), this is the deflection from straight. Large turbines are placed on turning gears as they are cooled or warmed up to minimize t ( Full Answer )

How do you overspeed steam turbine?

Run the turbine up to about 75% speed and trip it manually. Reset the trip linkage. Restart the turbine. Adjust the governor up until the overspeed trip mechanism trips the stop valve. Watch the tachometer, the overspeed trip should activate within 10% over the maximum allowable speed of the turbine ( Full Answer )

Does a steam turbine use steam to work?

Yes, it does. Depending on the type of turbine it is used to move the turbine blades different ways. An impulse turbine expands steam in nozzles increasing the velocity, this steam strikes the blades pushing them. A reaction turbine expands the steam in both the nozzles and blades, as it leaves the ( Full Answer )

What are the capacity of Steam Turbines?

The capacity of each steam turbines has more than 530 GW in over 6000 installed units. The steam turbines provide high reliability and sustained high efficiency.

What is hood spray in steam turbine?

Hood spray is injection of water near the outlet part of the laststage of the low pressure turbine to prevent overheating of theturbine exhaust hood and blades when running at partial (less than35%) load). This phenomena is caused by partially stalled steamflow at the blade roots (steam is recircula ( Full Answer )

What is the function of the gland steam in steam turbine?

Gland steam is steam supplied to the labyrinth glands of the lowpressure turbine to prevent air entering in the exhaust side, whichdisturbs the vacuum (± 50 mbar absolute) in the condenser. Glandsteam pressure is to supply at about 0,2 bar.

How did steam turbines impact society?

The steam engine and steam locomotive evidently had majorconsequences on European society. Positive and negative effects areapparent, as these major technological breakthroughs transformedEuropean society. Even today, many aspects of society and economicsare present due to the profound impact these ( Full Answer )