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What is a stephens model 94 series n?

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It is a single barrel, break-away 12 gauge shotgun.

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How do you find the year on a Winchester rifle?

The specific Model and the serial number are both needed to answer your question. Model 94 30 30 Serial N. 2330024 Your Model 94 was manufactured in the early part of the year 1959.

What is the age on 2 model 94 30-30s 1969327 2759845?

1969327 was made in 1953, the 2759845 was made in 1964. The post 64, model 94 began at s/n 2700000

What does the CB mean on a Honda motorcycle?

CB is just a model designator. for example in mobile phones , nokia release N series,E series, X series... can anyone find what does N,X,E mean?

4x what equals 94 sq feet?

Regard the problem as, 4 x n = 94 : then n = 94/4 = 23.5 ft

What guns are in the sw model kl and n series?

A visit to S&W's website will get you started.

What is 94 a n of p?

94 atomic number of plutonium

Value of revelation model 350 series n 12 gauge?

The value of a Revelation Model 350 series N 12 gauge is dependent upon a couple different factors. Some of the factors that would need to be taken into consideration would be the age and condition.

What were the the first dates of manufacturing of the marlin model 25 n?

The Marlin model 25 series of rifles were first made in the years 1987-1988.Your model 25N is one of these.

What year was your Winchester 94 made sn 2118216?

With the serial n umber that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1894 rfle was made in the year 1955.

What Is 94 N E in the P T?

94 natural elements in the periodic table

Where is the Stephens County Historical Society in Toccoa Georgia located?

The address of the Stephens County Historical Society is: 160 N Alexander St, Toccoa, GA 30577-2372

What has the author John N Stephens written?

John N. Stephens has written: 'The Italian renaissance' -- subject(s): Art patronage, Artists and patrons, Arts, Italian, Arts, Renaissance, Civilization, History, Italian Arts, Renaissance, Renaissance Arts

How do you take the stock off of a model 94 series N shotgun?

The butt plate screws (2) at the end of the stock must first be removed. You will need a long shank flat tip screwdriver to remove the screw at the bottom of the center hole in the stock butt. Reverse to reassemble.

When would a model 94 Winchester ranger 5479771 made?

The last s/n listing for Model # 94's that I've seen lists s/n in the 5,100,000 range as having been made in 1981. At that time they appear to have been producing 75000 to 80000 94's per year. If you extrapolate out ( a nice word for a guess) and assuming production was dropping a bit each year , I would say the mfg. date for your gun was sometime in the late 80's.

80 percent of what number is 94?

117.5. Another way to word it is "0.8 times what number is 94?" In equation form: 0.8 * n = 94 divide both sides by 0.8 to get: n = 117.5.

Does the series 1 divided by ln x converge?

Compare a series to a known series. So take the harmonic series {1/1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ... + 1/n}, which diverges.For each number n [n>1], LN(n) 1/n. So since each term in 1/LN(n) is greater than each term in the divergent series {1/n}, then the series 1/LN(n) diverges.

What is the difference between the N series and C series nokia mobile phones?

what is the difference between N series and C series in nokia mobile phones

What is 4n plus 34-n equals 94?

It is an equation and the value of n is 20

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