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It is a pond that is designed, at a minimum, to retain and slow the flow of stormwater runoff so that solid pollutants, including sediments and trash, have an opportunity to settle out of the water column. Many are also designed such that the stormwater that is retained can infiltrate into the ground or pass through a wetland so chemical contaminants can be filtered out of the water, including metals, pesticides, and nutrients.

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Q: What is a storm water runoff treatment pond?
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Which body of water is most sensitive to fertilizer runoff?

Pond, because the water is stagnant.

Which is not a kind of surface water pond stream aquifer or runoff?

underground aquifers

What is a drainage ditch?

Drainage ditches are a method of controlling runoff from streets and highways where curbs and storm drains are not used. They are most often a shallow trough dug in the ground beside and parallel to the road surface. They collect runoff from the road and direct it either to a retention pond or a natural body of water.

Which body of water is more sensitive to the effects of fertilizer runoff?

The body of water that is more sensitive to the effects of fertilizer are those with stagnant water. An example of this body of water is a pond.

What does run-off mean?

Run off is where, say you lived on a farm and you have a little steep hill that leads to a pond. If you watered your plants some of the water you used would 'run off' down the hill and into the pond.

What kind of pond has no dam and may be filled by surface runoff or groundwater?

Excavated pond. or "dug pond". They are harder to build because of earth removal. They are more resistant to collapse by erosion - no dam.

Why do ponds become stagnant in the summer?

If your pond isn't at least 20 ft. deep, at some point. It is almost a guarantee that the pond will need chemicals to help keep it clean. Shallow water, because of heat gain and lack of circulation and aeration and runoff and the fill around the pond; even the vegetation and animals can lead to problems.

Is pond water a pure substance or a mixture?

Pond water is not a pure substance.

What is the solute and solvent of Pond water?

Solution of Pond Water= Oxygen + Water

Is water evaporating from a pond chemical or physical?

Physical, but the pond does not chemically change - you still have water and pond goo, only the water has evaporated.

Is a pond a body of water?

The pond itself.

What body of water is a pond?

The pond itself.