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What is a substitute for a shallot?


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A substitute for a shallot might be a combination of onion and garlic, approximately 2/3 onion and 1/3 garlic. For example: For one shallot clove substitute 2/3 teaspoon very finely minced onion and 1/3 teaspoon very finely minced garlic.


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Shallot is salottisipuli in Finnish.

No a shallot is not a fruit it is a vegetable

A shallot is a type of onion, usually the red variety. Half a shallot is half a red onion.

Get 10% discount at Shallot Thai restaurants.

No. a shallot is a different vegatable altogether.

Who cursed the lady of shallot and why she was cursed is not noted in the poem.

Unless you're a cat, you can eat any part of a shallot.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote the poem, The Lady of Shallot, in 1842.

First, carefully peel the shallot, somewhat like you would an onion. Then slice the shallot in half lengthwise, parallel with the grain. Next cut slices from each half keeping slices together as to give the impression that the shallot is not sliced at all Turn shallot 90 degrees and repeat slicing. When you are finished you should have a finely diced shallot.

"depends on the size of the shallot..." Of course, but an average sized shallot weighs about 25 grams. So, a 1 kilo bag of shallots will hold about 40 medium sized shallots.

The cast of The Lady of Shallot - 1912 includes: Ivy Close as The Lady

One can buy shallot onions in the produce section of most grocery stores, specialty food stores or farmers markets. Shallot onions are a commonly used ingredient in savoury recipes and are enjoyed by many.

In The Lady of Shallot by Tennyson, she can see the knights and people of Camelot passing by her tower in her magic mirror. The only knight named is Lancelot.

Leeks taste like a mild, sweet onion. Even more mild than a shallot (not the green onion shallot but the gourmet onion)

If you are talking about the vegetable, it has no special significance in Judaism. There is also no Hebrew word for shallot, but you can use the word betsaltsel (בצלצל), which means "small onion".

The Lady Of Shallot was a cursed woman who was trapped on the Island of Shallot. She had a curse on her which withheld her from looking out of the window, only to see the reflection in the mirror. One day, Sir Lancelot wanders by, and she looks out of the window. She had to go into a boat and sing her last song as she died. There where also three candles that symbolised life on the boat. Two of them had blown out, so The Lady Of Shallot knew that her life was coming to an end.

Well the story of shallot is about a lady who has been cursed if she looks out of the window of the tower. so she has got a mirror so she can see out side without being cursed/

it was written by Alfred lord tennyson

A shallot is a type of vegetable similar to an onion and they can be used in cooking many types of dish. They can be deep fried and used in many Asian foods such as stir fries and noodle dishes.

Yes they are the exact same thing.

A shallot weighs about 1 ounce (28.35g) more or less. that's nearly 30 grams. so about 7 shallots would be close to 200 grams.

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