What is a synonym for competing against a winner?

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The synonyms could be challenging or contending.

The terms for unseating an incumbent or champion is to oust, depose or dethrone.
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How can an abused woman make sure she is the winner in the war against her abusive partner?

Answer . \nJust getting away from the abuse alive IS winning against an abuser. much blessings. Answer . \n. \nIt's not a war. It's a relationship. A bad one. Your goal isn't necessarily to win. It's to survive, move on and succeed in life.\n. \nNone of this is as easy as it sounds, but ( Full Answer )

What companies does Aggreko compete against?

Power Plus Utilities is a large temporary power company with over 40 offices thoughout the United States. They are a temporary power solutions provider that specializes in temporay utilites and generators. They have provided power to movie sets, cogeneration, refinery turn arounds, disaster relief, ( Full Answer )

What is a competion?

A competition is when people play some kind of sport or game, hoping that they will win.

In what sort of race has the winner of the America's cup competed?

The winner of the America's Cup has competed in a sailing race thatoriginated in 1851 and continues to this day. The standard formatof the race involves two sailing yachts, one (the holder of theCup) as the defender and the other as the challenger. In recentyears, multiple challengers have been allo ( Full Answer )

Who does Microsoft compete against?

Novell's Netware was around before Microsoft got into server software market. It was not until the 2000 that Microsoft wrote it's own version of network authentication software called "Active Directory" to compete with Novell's NDS and eDirectory.

Who are some rivals that compete against Apple Inc?

I would say Microsoft is a big one along with Dell, HP, RIM (Blackberries), Sony, and a variety of other MP3 player manufacturers, computer manufacturers, music download sites, and cell phone manufacturers.

What is a synonym for against?

opposing. Versus, contra, counter "I am against gun control" could also be phrased "I'm opposed to gun control", "I'm anti-gun control", "I'm an opponent of gun control", "I disagree with the idea of gun control"

What Animals compete against each other?

Most males in the animal kingdom compete with rival males of the same species in a specific area. For example, two male deer, the ones with big horns on their heads, in the same forest do fight.

Why do animals compete against each other?

Animals compete because they need to ensure their genes are passed on to the next generation. The animals with the best genes/adaptions are more likely to survive and successfully mate therefore passing their genes on. The process of which the strongest (or just best suited to the environment) genes ( Full Answer )

In Harry Potter 4 what were the other 2 schools that competed against Hogwarts?

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The name of which translates roughly means beautiful wands. It is a school in France which is multi-gender in the books and all female in the films. The building is an academy not a castle and Fleur Delacour states that their Dining Hall is decorated a lot better than H ( Full Answer )

Was the iPad built to compete against the netbook or reader?

Absolutely. Apple's strategy is brilliant. Netbooks were slowly catching up in the market, but apple realized that the netbooks in the market aren't that great. They built iPad to compete with netbooks, and from what I've seen so far, we can definitely expect a drop in netbook sales. People will pre ( Full Answer )

Which girl competed against Athena?

Well, in the 'Weave-off' Athena competed against Arachne. long story short, Athena got mad and turned Arachne into the spider.

What do you think that bratz has been so successful in competing against barbie?

Bratz dolls were successful because there was a story line behind the doll. It was different from the Barbie doll in that it had outrageous sizing. The Barbie countered with a law suit, but the Bratz doll was simply a different, contemporary fashion doll that did NOT look like the Barbie fashion ico ( Full Answer )

How do you compete against Chinese manufacturing?

Chinese manufactures are one of the best manufactures in the world.But it doesn't mean hat we cannot compete against them. They ar successful because they use strategies that are really unique.within the business and also outside the business and they have a higher level of technology plus a great ( Full Answer )

Who was the US competing against?

Well this is a very easy question. The US is competing against all other countries for land and resources. Please stop watching fox news.

Should robot compete against wiki users?

The robots may be better at answering questions, but they will never match the heart and generosity some Wiki users have! Go humans!

Who did Muhammad Ali compete against in the Olympics?

Ali won gold in light-heavyweight class boxing at the 1960 Games in Rome. His opponents were ... Preliminary Round: Yvon Becot of Belgium. Ali won when the referee stopped the contest in the second round. Quarterfinals: Gennady Shatkov of the Soviet Union. Ali won by unanimous decision. Se ( Full Answer )

Who were the winners at Against All Odds 2011?

The winners are as followed - . Robbie E (with Cookie) defeated Max Buck and Jeremy Buck by forfeit. Three-way Number One Contender's match for the TNA X Division Championship. . Kazarian (TNA X Division Champion) defeated Robbie E (with Cookie). . Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Rood ( Full Answer )

Who does a lion compete against for food?

Lions are Apex predators. Due to their size and strength, they do not have any direct competitors. However, other predators like Hyena, Leopard, Cheetah etc live in the same forests as the lion. So, they may be considered as indirect competitors

How do Ralph and jack compete against one another?

Ralph, who has never been on a hunt before, quickly gets caught up in the exhilaration of the chase. He excitedly flings his spear at the boar, and though it glances off the animal's snout, Ralph is thrilled with his marksmanship nonetheless.

Who was competing for president against Barack Obama in 2012?

The main candidate to oppose the president was the Republican, Mitt Romney. But there were other candidates from smaller and lesser-known parties, including Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Jill Stein who ran for the Green Party.

Why can't girls and boys compete against each other?

They can and in some cases they do. Many sports separate men's and women's events, because testosterone(which men have a lot more of than women) is an anabolic steroid:it produces extra muscle mass and strength and extra bone densityand strength. So, all else being equal, men tend to be strongertha ( Full Answer )