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What is a tear made up of?

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salt if you've ever tasted it. im positive that's what its made of.

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What can you tear up a chicken coop?

you can tear it up with a hammer like they're made out of wood

What is tear made up of?

water and salt.

What made Atticus tear up in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The black community.

How are modern golf shoes made?

Modern golf shoes are made with the golf turf in mind. Most shoes have rubber spikes to form to the course so as not to tear up the grass. The spikes used to made of metal or hard plastic which would tear up the putting greens.

Is it a crime to tear up your parents home that you live in?

As in "their property", but not yours to tear up?

What are the release dates for Moving Up - 2005 Tear It Up Tear It Off 2-3?

Moving Up - 2005 Tear It Up Tear It Off 2-3 was released on: USA: 29 October 2005

What is the correct pronunciation of Massenet's Werther?

"Ver-tear": "Ver" as in "very" and "tear" as in "tear the paper up"

Why do your eyes tear up when you sing?

When your voice box is strained, your eyes begin to tear up because of the pain. It depends on what song you sing if i sang about a family member passing away I might tear up but if I am singing about life and happiness then i guess i would'nt tear up. It depends on what song you sing if i sang about a family member passing away I might tear up but if I am singing about life and happiness then i guess i would'nt tear up.

How do you use the word tear in a sentence?

A tear welled up in her eyes as she said goodbye.The paper emitted a faint tear.The tear rolled down his cheek.

What is a tear made of?

It is actually made of Mucus, water, and oil.

will it tear up my floor?

The rack has protective tape below all of its legs and it will not tear up your floor even when you slide it.

What can tear down mountains or build them up blind a man and make him see?

sand can build a mountain, sand can tear it down, sand can make a man blind, and if made into glass it can help him see

How much copper is in a refrigerator?

A lot u should tear urs up I made 1000000 dollars off of mine

How do you tear a wall down made from bricks?

you can blow it up or use a weaking ball. MWA HA HA HA HA!

Can dolphins tear you up?

If you're a fish!

Which theoretical perspective stresses that society is a whole unit made up of I tear related parts that work together harmoniously?

Functional analysis

How do you spell the past tense of to tear up?


What are the Advantages of tear gas?

Advantages of tear gas would have to be , it splits up large riot groups. Used by police.

How do you tear down skyscrapers?

To tear down a skyscraper, crews strategically place explosives throughout the structure and "Blow it up".

What are tea bags made out of?

Tea bags are made out of long fiber paper, which does not tear easily.

What is the average settlement for a medial meniscus tear where the tear could not be repaired and the meniscus had to be removed?

70k/ up to 300k poss more

Can you give a sentence using tear and tier?

The young fan shed a tear when she realized her seat was on the fourth tier at the back of a concert venue. Worse, when she stood up she noticed a tear in her jacket.

What song has the lyrics build you up and then tear you down?

Nelly Furtado - Build You Up

Is tear a noun?

The word 'tear' is a noun and a verb.The noun 'tear' is a word for the moisture from the eyes when crying; damage from being torn, a rip or rent. Examples:I saw a tear in her eye as her daughter took the stage.The book had a tear in the cover.The verb 'tear' is a to produce liquid from the eyes, usually induced by emotion or sharp odor; to pull apart or into pieces by force. Examples:My eyes tear up when we get to this part of the movie.It says "cut here" but you can tear it off.

How do enzymes breakdown food?

they tear up the food particles

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