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What is a thematic stamp exhibit?

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A thematic exhibit, also known as a topical exhibit, is one where the stamps and related philatelic material relates to a specific theme. To many, a collection of stamps is rather plain and boring, after all, you look up the country in a catalog and check them off as you get them. But to tell a story using stamps creates more interest. To tell the story of fabric, the history of the telephone, the history of certain countries or conflicts using stamps provides a way of sharing stamp collecting in a way that even a non-stamp collector can understand. And the best part is that no one can say you are doing it wrong, or not complete. You can collect things that interest you! The American Topical Association is the governing body in the US and conducts exhibits and provides checklists as starting points.

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What has the author Margaret I Morris written?

Margaret I. Morris has written: 'Thematic stamp collecting' -- subject(s): Stamp collecting

Is exhibit noun?

It can be used as a noun or a verb. He put his collection on exhibit. His Hawaiian postage stamp exhibit was well received by the judges.

What is a thematic collection?

A thematic collection is a compilation of postage stamps that have the same theme or concept. This hobby of collecting stamps is also called as Topical stamp collecting.

What themes of stamp collections do you know?

Thematic collections can be made around any topic you wish.

What is the name for stamp collecting?

Philately is the name for stamp collecting. Someone that collects stamps is a philatelist and a collection that is displayed is a philatelic exhibit.

How many insect does appear on postage stamp?

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