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Q: What is a tooth composed of?
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Is tooth paste a homogenous mixture?

No, being composed from several types of substances, it is a heterogenous mixture.

Do fish have keratin?

Fishes of class AGNATHA (myxini) have tooth-like structures that are composed of KERATIN..

Are your teeth and nails made from the same material?

No. Nails are made of a protein, keratin, while teeth are composed of enamel, and tissues, dentin, pulp, and cemetum. The only live part of the nail is beneath the epidermis, where the growing occurs. Teeth are very much alive. Enamel, the outer portion of a tooth, is mainly hydroxyapatite. Dentin more porous, and is composed of a variety of organic materials and water; at the center of the tooth is the pulp, which is generally called the nerve of the tooth, housing blood vessels and nerve cells. Cementum is the composition covering the root of the tooth, created of a mix of hydroxyapatite, collagen, and water.

What is strange about blue whales teeth?

Unlike human teeth, which are composed mostly of enamel on the portion of the tooth outside of the gum, whale teeth have cementum outside the gum.

What protects tooth enamel?

Enamel is the outer layer of the exposed tooth. It is a hard thin translucent layer of calcified substance that envelops and protects the dentin (the main portion of the tooth structure) of the crown of the tooth. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and is almost entirely composed of calcium salts. The hardness of enamel is an important property as the main role of enamel is to protect the softer underlying dentin of the tooth. Enamel also serves as the surface for chewing grinding and crushing of food and this is another reason for its hardness. Therefore, there is no need for enamel to be protected.

What is the difference between a cheap hamburger and a pulled tooth?

Tooth out like take out only tooth out

How do you know if a tooth is still a baby tooth?

Appearance of the tooth will help you to identify whether its milk tooth or permanent tooth. If tooth appears small, delicate its a milk tooth, if its big, bulbous, its permanent tooth.

Is the fourth tooth from the middle on the bottom a milk tooth?

The tooth in question is a tooth that children have. If it is not a permanent tooth, it could be called a milk tooth.

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth?

the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Does a tooth that is growing in affect a tooth that has a filling?

A new tooth should not affect a filled tooth. If the filled tooth is tbeing replaced it will just fall out and the new tooth takes its place. If the new tooth is adjacent to or opposite the filled tooth it has no effect.

Does the tooth fairy come if you swallow your tooth?

Traditionally, the tooth fairy comes to take your tooth away and leaves payment for each tooth she takes. If you swallow your tooth and there is no tooth under your pillow, you will have nothing to offer the tooth fairy and she might not come.

What is the different between tooth and teeth?

Tooth is one tooth and teeth are multiple tooth

Is there a tooth fairy called tooth mouse?

yes the mexican tooth fairy is called tooth mouse

Is it true that you can grow if a tooth is extracted?

No, you won't gain height because a tooth is extracted. If you mean, will your tooth grow back, than it depends if your tooth was an adult tooth or a baby tooth.

What is a shark tooth?

A shark tooth is a tooth that is found in sharks.

What is the density of a tooth?

mass of tooth over volume of tooth

Is it rare to have a baby tooth as an adult?

not as much as you think. It actually happens quite often. when it does, you treat that tooth as a permanent tooth and fill cavities. You can even crown a baby tooth if there is no permanent tooth underneath it. If you have a permanent tooth under it, they usually extract the baby tooth.

Is a tooth a lever?

A tooth is not a lever. A tooth could be part of the lever formed by the jaw. A tooth could be a wedge.

Why do your teeth removes?

It removes because the under of the tooth has an another tooth already.That's why your tooth replaces another tooth.

What does it mean tooth for tooth of Hammurabi code?

It means, if someone takes an others tooth they get their tooth taken away.

How to take away tooth aches?

Tooth aches can be taken away by tooth treatment by a dentist, or by tooth extraction.

What does a tooth consist of?

enamel found only in the crown of the tooth ( the exposed part of the tooth ), dentin found in both the crown and the root of the tooth ( root : the embedded part of the tooth ) and cement which hold the tooth in it's place

What do shark scales look like?

Shark skin is composed of placoid scales (also called dermal denticles), tiny tooth-like structures which give it a rough, sand-paper-like texture.

If a tooth is knocked out what part of the tooth should you not touch?

The root of the tooth.

As a kid what did you think the tooth fairy was using your tooth for?

A tooth castle.