What is a turbo timer?

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A turbo timer is a device which keeps the engine running after the key is removed. The purpose of the TT is to continue cooling the turbo by circulating oil through the turbo's oil lines, to avoid the effect of oil coking, in which oil sits in the hot lines, bakes, and develop deposits that may degrade turbo bearing performance. A turbo timer is not required of all vehicles - the Subaru WRX owner manual specifically addresses this issue, but some older vehicles will benefit from the practice of installing one.

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Q: What is a turbo timer?
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Can you have a turbo timer when you have no turbo?

Yes. It can be installed to your car without having a turbo. Your car will operate the same whether you have a turbo installed or not.

Does ford focus rs need a turbo timer fitted?

A turbo timer lets some oil run through the turbo after hard use. You can accomplish the same thing by letting the engine run a minute before you cut the ignition.

Is it possible to have a turbo timer hold open a circuit on a BA falcon and still be able to use the keyless remote?

It is not possible to have a turbo timer hold open a circuit on a BA Falcon and still be able to use the keyless remote. The turbo timer must be on a close circuit at all times for keyless remote to operate.?æ

How do you install a turbo timer to a 1995 eclipse 2.0 turbo?

got to There is instructions under electronics section. Kendel

Where can one find a replacement turbo timer?

A turbo timer is a device used in vehicles to keep the engine running for a preselected period of time, to enable cool down periods automatically. As it is designed for automotives, any website that sell parts that are vital to cars will be places where you can find a new turbo timer to replace a faulty/broken one.

What does a turbo timer do?

Keeps your car running for a set amount of time to let the turbo charger cool down. It achieves this because cooler oil and water will run through the journals of the turbo.

Why does a car with a turbo idle after being shut off?

Some turbo cars will be fitted with a turbo timer, which keeps the engine running for a specified time after the ignition is turned off. This allows the turbo to cool down before the engine shuts off, which prevents potential damage to the turbo.

How do you fit a turbo timer on a ford ranger 3.2 liter?

the same way you fit it on any other vehicle..

How do you set hks turbo timer?

I looked into this, HKS has a good website including manuals. To actually answer this would take reproducing the manual.

Abs light Eagle talon 1995 tsi awd comes on and won't go off after turning off the engine a motor is still running I have to disconnect the battery to get the motor to shut off...What's up?

it might have a turbo timer on it There night be a turbo timer on it.If you have one your car will run until it cools off.

1997 f 350 7.3 turbo diesel hard to start?

glow plug timer is bad or the glow plugs them selves are bad

What precautions should be taken if you own a diesel car with a turbo engine?

A turbo timer is always a safe bet on any turbo engine. It lets the engine idle after you remove the key and lock the doors. Doing this lets the engine oil cool the bearings in the turbo which will extend the live of the turbo. Also keeping your oil changed like is outlined in your owners manuel will help also.

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