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What is a two-year degree worth in third world countries?

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That question is too general to be answered with accuracy. The type of job the degree is for would make a difference. The demand for that particular job degree in a specific country would make a difference. The grade-point-average might make a difference. The demand can quickly shift. Often a degree is only good if it is current within a year or sometimes within six months, and is quickly out-dated, even in third world countries. Certain engineering degrees could be very valuable for years, while certain programming or technical degrees could be useless in certain countries. A degree can be an excellent door-opener; however, it is the knowledge and experience gained which last over the long term.

2006-08-30 16:05:06
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Is it third countries or third world countries in a sentence?

Third World countries.

What does third world debt?

Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries. Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries.

How many third world countries are in the world today?

There are 47 third world countries today.

What is third world debt?

third world countries which are in debt to countries which have more money and material. Third world is when devolving countries are in debt. countries like Africa which have no money or materials .

What are devoloping countries?

Third world countries, or countries that are considered poorer countries of the world

Is Trinidad a Third World Country?

Yes.. Trinidad and Tobago is a third world country; however, it should be regarded as a Developing Country, as First World, Second World and Third World were terms resulting out of the Cold War. First World Countries are regarded as highly developed countries Second World Countries are Communist Countries and Countries of the fallen Soviet Union Third World refers to Developing countries and Underdeveloped countries.

Are the Philippines and India considered Third World countries?

No. Phillippines and India are not considered Third World countries.

What is third world dept?

the third world dept is the poor countries dept the poor countries are the third world hello is gay and ameh rfor pusyols

Is Libya a third or first world country?

Libya is Third World. *First world countries are developed capitalist countries of the western world and the countries alligned with it such as Japan. *Second world countries are the communist/socialist countries. *Third world countries are the other 1/3rd of the world including rich countries such as Saudi Arabia to the poorest countries that werent alligned with either first or second world.

Is Ethiopia a third-world country?

Yes, but third-world countries are now called "developing countries."

List third world countries?

There are approximately 16 third world countries. A few of the countries are Ethiopia, Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Malawi.

Is Guatemala a third world country?

Yes Guatemala is considered a third world country. Third world countries tend to be poorer and less developed than first world countries such as the US.

Is Europe a third world country?

Europe is not a country. It is a continent consisting of many countries. None of these countries would be considered as being third world countries.

How many Countries are Third World?

There are over 30 countries that are considered to be Third World. Some of these countries include Somalia, Yemen, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

Why dont western countries give to third world countries?

They do give to Third World countries. Keep in mind the First World countries also have their own needs to take care of, and the corruption which runs rampant throughout most of the Third World has caused a good portion of the contributions made by the rest of the world to vanish and reappear as lavish homes occupied by the leaders of those Third World countries.

Which countries do refugees come from?

Most Third World Countries.

What countries are affected by third world debt?

black countries

Do they have schools in Algeria?

All countries in the world have schools, even third world countries.

A list of third world countries?

There are many third world countries in the world. These include Malawi, Somalia, Yemen, Liberia, Niger, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Zambia.

Why is a theoretical understanding of social development in third world countries so important?

It is important to understand the social development in third world countries because much of the political unrest in third world countries is the product of social and economic disparties.

What countries qualify as third world countries?

Countries that qualify as third world countries according to the UN include Malawi, Somalia, Tazania, Ethiopia, Niger, Yemen, Burundi and Sierra Leone.

What other term is used for developing country?

Developing countries are also known as third world countries. These countries are less industrialized than developed countries. Many countries in Africa and southern Asia are third world countries.

Which countries have third world debt?

russia is the most third world because of the amount of land it has.

What is meant by the term Third World countries?

Well, after the World War 2 there was primarily 3 blocks of nations. First world countries like American and other western countries which withheld Democratic stand point, Second world countries like the Eastern Europe and Russia with Communistic principles and the third world countries which were neutral. But today the phrase third world countries often imply under developed or developing countries.

What countries do not have education?

Pakistan and some third-world countries in Africa.