What is a vegetation profile?

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i dont know the answer lol

and i need the same answer aswell by 2moro

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What is the vegetation of S o Paulo Brazil?

Vegetation of Sao Paulo Brazil is a geographic profile. This is known as a state.

What is rotting vegetation?

Rotting vegetation means decompostion of vegetation

What type of vegetation does Austria have?

evergreen vegetation, tundra vegetation

Distinguish between vegetation and natural vegetation.?

Narural vegetation refers to the vegetation that grows by itself without any human intervention such as providing water. Vegetation refers to the vegetation which grows with the help of humans.

Types of natural vegetation in Gauteng?

this includes evergreen vegetation tundra vegetation diciduous vegetation thorny bushes etc

How does climate affect Alaska's vegetation?

climate effects vegetation because if it is climate is cold then the vegetation would be snow if the climate is warm and there was precipitation no matter what vegetation then the vegetation would be rain the climate will always effect the vegetation no matter what the climate is it will ALWAYS effect The vegetation

What are vegetation areas?

Vegetation areas just means places where there is vegetation or plants.

What is decaying vegetation?

vegetation that is decaying

What is Brazil's vegetation?

what is Brazil's vegetation

What is vegetation in a region?

vegetation is the plants

What is the vegetation in Bahrain?


How do earhquakes affect vegetation?

Earthquakes affect vegetation by causing the vegetation to uproot. This may cause many vegetation to die off.

What is profile measurement using profile projector?

The profile measurement using a profile project gives the accurate length of a given a profile. A profile projector provides a very accurate profile measurement of the same.

What are vegetation zones?

vegetation zones are zones that are made up of common vegetation characteristics

What is secondary vegetation?

secondary vegetation is the vegetation which is not cleared and things are growing continuously and are not cutted.

What is difference between aquatic vegetation and vegetation?

aquatic vegetation are plants that grow underwater while vegetation are plants that just grow on land.

What is natural vegetation of Pakistan?

"The vegetation of Pakistan can be divided into the following five basic categories on the basis and altitude."Dry tropical forest vegetationDry sub-tropical sub mountainous vegetationDry temperate forest vegetation.Moist temperate forest vegetation.Sub-alpine and alpine vegetation.

Vegetation in Egypt?

yes there were vegetation in Egypt

What is the vegetation at north America?

plain vegetation

What is Venezuela's vegetation zone?

whats their vegetation

Does mt Vesuvius have vegetation?

Mediterranean Vegetation

What is the vegetation in Mozambique?

what is the vegetation region of Mozambique

What is Europe's vegetation?

Europe's Vegetation is Foresty

What is the height of vegetation in the arctic?

There is no vegetation in the arctic!

What is an example of highland vegetation?

Highland vegetation is vegetation (plants and grass) on an elevated piece of ground