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a small tank to hold extra water from the radiator. A hose links the two together

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Q: What is a water reservoir?
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Which reservoir does Brunswick get its water from?

The reservoir that Brunswick gets it's water from is a new dam and reservoir. It is called the Tower Road Dam and Reservoir. It was built to help the Moncton Reservoir to supply water to the community.

Why is water clean?

Because the water we get is from the reservoir. A reservoir is a reserved lake for tap water and drinking.

What is a service reservoir?

It is a reservoir that stores treated water.

Use reservoir in a sentence?

There was a reservoir lake and a factory that collects water into fresh water.

How much water is in the Kokomo reservoir?

The Kokomo reservoir is 484-acre water supply.

What is the reservoir for the water cycle?

Reservoir is used to collect water. It is used for future purposes.

Second largest reservoir of water on earth?

Glaciers is the second largest reservoir of water on earth.

Sentence with reservoir?

The reservoir made us have a supply of water in winter.

What does reservoir dogs mean?

Reservoir dogs mean that they like 2 swim in the water,such as a reservoir,lake or pool.

What is the difference between water injection and water flooding?

I do not think that there is any difference. Petroleum engineers normally inject water into an oil reservoir to maintain the reservoir pressure (and hence the ability of the reservoir to pump oil to the surface). In the process and if the water injection wells are properly located, the injected water normally sweeps (pushes out) out more oil effectively flooding the reservoir and increasing the amount of oil that is recovered from the reservoir. This incremental oil will otherwise be left behind in the reservoir. Hence, in an oil reservoir where the natural aquifer is large and strong enough to maintain the reservoir pressure, water injection is unlikely to significantly increase the oil recovery from the reservoir.

What is an underground reservoir called?

If its an underground reservoir for water, it could possibly be an Aquifer.

What the reservoir used for?

A reservoir is used to contain something, such as water or other liquid.

How is tap water made?

Tap water is not made, it is a natural product. Water is stored in a reservoir and is piped (and sometimes pumped) from the reservoir to the tap.

Where is the Cheddar Reservoir located?

The Cheddar reservoir is a man made reservoir. And it is Located in Somerset and operated by Bristol Water, water is taken From Cheddar Yeo river in the Cheddar Gorge.

How is a lake different from a reservoir?

A reservoir was built to hold- or "reserve" water for a particular use. A lake may or may not be a reservoir.

What is the largest reservoir of evaporation precipitation condensation and all the other elements in the water cycle?

Oceans are the larger reservoir of water.

What is the largest reservoir for water on earth?

Lake Kariba in Zambia is the largest water reservoir on earth and runs 43cubic miles

Where is water being collected?

water is collected in a reservoir.

What is a body of water in Wyoming?

Bodies of water in Wyoming include: Bighorn River Green River Belle Fourche River Powder River North Platte River Yellowstone Lake Glendo Reservoir Bighorn Lake Boysen Reservoir Flaming Gorge Reservoir Seminoe Reservoir Alcova Reservoir Keyhole Reservoir

Water reservoir in Fiat punto 2001?

The water reservoir in a Fiat Punto 2001 is located under the hood on the driver's side towards the front of the engine. The water reservoir is usually yellow with a black lid attached to it.

What is reservoir drive mechanism?

A reservoir drive mechanism is that mechanism in which oil is derived by water or gas or both water and gas drive the oil from the well. Is called reservoir drive mechanism.

What is the largest reservoir in the UK?

the Kielder Reservoir holds 200 billion litres of water

What is the sentence for reservoir?

as a result of the recent rain storm, our reservoir had much more water

What is a sentence for reservoir?

Example sentences for the noun reservoir: The reservoir for the towns water is fed by a natural spring. Jack is a reservoir of information on ancient history. I'll show you how to fill the ink reservoir on the press.

Water is to reservoir as cereals is to?