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Also known as the VW Transporter T4, the EuroVan was a light commercial vehicle manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen from 1990-2003. This was the first Transporter model to have a water-cooled engine, which was mounted in the front.

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When replacing rear disk brakes on a '92 Nissan Maxima how do you compress the piston if it is locked onto the rotor and pads and cannot remove?

You have to be turning the caliper clockwise to be able to compress it. There are grooves on it that will help you do this. I used needle pliers.

            • hi there, needle plier isn't gonna work. try to buy a rear caliper pusher kit they sell at advance auto parts or from snap on or matco....good luck
AnswerIf they are locked on, your best bet is to replace the caliper since that's probably the problem in the first place. Make sure you bleed the system afterwards. Also make sure you don't have the parking brake on...i knew a friend who did that. AnswerChances are very good that you simply need to "screw" the caliper back in with a clockwise motion as seen by looking down at the notches in the same. Be carful though, if for some reason you added brake fluid to the master cylinder (as a result of brake wear), you might have the thing over flow as you return the caliper and push the piston in.
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Radio fuse location 93 vw eurovan?

according to Bentley, it is number 21.

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How do you remove the door trim from a 1991 Nissan pintara?

Door Trim RemovalTo remove door trim on '91 model NISSAN PINTARA you have to unscrew the handle (two Philips head screws). next take off plastic surounding door release (it just clips on). then this part is tricky - you might need two flat blade screwdrivers to remove the W clip that holds the window winder handle (unless you have power windows)! after you remove the winder handle just carefully pull on the edges of the door trim to pull the clips off the door all the way around! presto the door trim comes off! just reverse process to put it back on!
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Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Toyota Van Wagon LE 4 cylinder?


It's on the driver side of the engine. Open the "hood" and locate the lower radiator hose. Follow the hose to the engine and there is where the thermostat housing is.


I confirm that, removing the power steering pump will give you more room, though you can do it without moving anything. You are working on top of the alternator so disconnecting the battery is a good idea. Since the thermostat is mounted sideways on the engine, use form-a gasket on the new rubber O ring gasket to the metal neck piece (wait 20 minutes for it to set). Install the new thermostat and carefully install the neck piece with O ring gasket. It is easy to mis-align the O ring so take your time. The only way to check, that I know of, is to take a small mirror and flash light and check in the neck to see if the O ring is sitting right after you tighten down the two nuts.

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How do you remove the rear brake pads on a 1994 Ford Probe GT V6?

You are probably unable to remove them because the caliper piston is pressing on the inside pad. You must NOT try to push the piston in, like your would in the front, with a C-clamp. Instead, you will find a 12mm bolt on the back of the caliper (unless someone has removed it). Take it out, and then you will find a recessed 4mm hex that requires an Allen wrench. This will back the caliper off and down to a flush position, allowing brake removal. There are several really good explanations of the entire process around the web.

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What is a water reservoir?

a small tank to hold extra water from the radiator. A hose links the two together

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How do you reset the service indicator on vw caddy?

With ignition off, hold right (trip reset) button

Turn ignition on

Still holding trip button turn left (clock) button to minutes (clockwise)

Release everything and turn off

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Where is the sensor for the automatic light on a 2000 ls?

headlamp auto light control sensor maybe on the dash at center of your car

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What is the location of the fuse box in a VW Passat?

The fuse box is located inside the dash usually drivers side. To access this fuse box open the driver side door view the dash from the side it is located behind a pull off plastic panel (no screws)normally just insert a medium size screwdriver inside one of the nootchs and gently pull out. you will find fuse box behind the panel. On my passat (2008) there is also a fuse box on the passenger side (Need to open the door to access the side of the dash). There is also a fuse box in the engine compartment (2 over each other) next to the battery compartment.

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Where is the thermostat located in a 1998 Pontiac Transport Van?

The thermostat is taking long time to change. Is situated in right side of the engine (from front of vehicule). Just follow the big hose from the radiator and you will see the headbow. It's between the exaust manifold extension and the engine just below the throttle body. If you want to change it and make it easier, you will have to remove the throttle body (consist in 3 bolts). Once is done, just remove the headbow and that's it. (the job is approximately 1 hour and half for professionnal and more thant 3 hours for user).


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Can you stand a 700 Yamaha 4 stroke raptors up during transport or will the oil leak back into the cylinder head or filter?

If you stand up that bike up oil will pass by the rings, and piston and possibly get into your oil filter depending if your intake valves are closed or open. Not like the good ole 2 strokes, these quads have become very advanced dont risk it....

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How do you get an air lock out of your cooling system?

COOLING SYSTEM OF WHAT ???????????????????????

Most auto parts stores sell cooling flushing kits. Get one follow the directions and it should take the air out of the system. You must remember that your heater is part of the cooling system as well as the cooling for your transmission.

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What is the special procedure to refill a 99 Chevy Venture cooling system?

The following has absolutely nothing to do with the question asked. Just someone blowing off steam.

First of all there is a lawsuit against dextrol and dexcool anti-freeze that the gm vehicles are using,it causes sludge in the radiator and heater core,and it disolves the intake manifols gaskets.. ! Put the heater control on hot ,so to open the lines to the heater core so it will drain out.. Then drain the system ,there is a small drain valve right under the radiator on the drivers side,drain ,take off the radiator cap,so it will drain faster,..rust and sludge should come out!! .you can close the valve and pour in a radiator flush ,sold at all parts stores,such as Prestone, etc.. or just put a garden hose in the radaitor cop opening .let it run for a couple of minutes,,if your ambitious take off the bottom radiator hose,and alot of water will come out of the block faster,Sometimes I will start my vehicle and let it idle while the engine is running,so the thermostat will open and allow water to go into the engine block...but don't let it overheat!! after about 15-20 minutes let everything drain out ..close the drain valve and leave the heater control on hot , refill the system with anti-freeze.....".Advance Auto Parts" has a replacement anti-freeze , use the one in the yellow gallon jug ,it says for "use in all systems" ...Don,t put that Drexcool or Drextrol back in !!!! I even had my venture drained and refilled at my local Chevy dealer,in the past .it still had that sludge in it..I took it right home and drained out their anti-freeze, and refilled it with Advance Auto Parts brand.Van runs great ..doesn't overheat ...and I have NO Sludge !!! P.S. gp to Google and type in Drexcool, or Drextrol....You'll see !!!

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Where might exhaust fumes be coming from that are getting into the vehicle through the 4x4 shift boot?

The fumes are most likely coming from an exhaust leak. The leak could be at the converter, or somewhere else in the exhaust system.

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How do you replace a taillight on a VW EuroVan?

the bulbs are held by a round carrier inside that comes out when you twist it about 90 degrees ccw. The lenses are bolted in from behind. You should be able to reach back on either side of the car in the rearmost areas such as where the jack is held on the left and where the rear A/C is on the right side on late models at least. How do you remove front headlight on a 2000 series T4 shortnose

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Do you have to replace a worn disc pad wear sensor on a Cadillac Catera after replacing the pads to get the warning light to go off on the dash or is it stored as a code in the computer that has to be canceled and if so how would you do that?

I wouldn't disconnect the battery, you'll have to reset a lot of electronics - radio code, auto up windows, auto close sunroof, seat memory settings, etc. I simply removed my brake pad wear sensors when I replaced my front brake pads. I then had to connect a piece of paper clip to close the circuit on the wire leads quick connect assembly, holding it in place with electrical tape. No more aggrivating break pad wear indicator light....

I would think that it is just a stored code. Try disconnecting the positive battery cable from the battery for 10 seconds with the key switch on but the engine not running. This should reset the computer. If the light comes back on, the sensor may need replacement.

If you mean the "Check Brake light" , message that comes in the display , this is normal. even if you change the pads , it will not go. this is a German way to show you : please safety is very important : everytime you want to use your car check the break lights if they are ok.

what you have to do is only push the brake ,and the alarm will go.I learned this from the handbook provided with the car.

for the sensor , better change it.

Yes you have to replace the worn pad sensor to get the Brake Wear Indicator Light to go off. The pad sensor will wear away and trigger the light. It will go off onnce you replace them. Please keep in mind that this is the Brake Wear Sensor Light and not the Brake System Warning Light. The Brake Warning Light will come on if there are Hydrualic Pressure related problems.

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When do t4 start coming out?

late 1992

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What does diagnostic trouble code P1582 mean and how to fix it in a vw passatgls 1996?

17990/P1582/005506 - Idle Adaptation Limit ReachedPossible Solutions
  • Check Fuel Pressure
  • Check Intake System for Leaks (False Air)
  • Check Fuel Injector(s)
  • Check Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister Purge Regulator Valve (N80)
  • Check Exhaust System for Leaks
  • Check Secondary Air Injection (AIR) for Leaks
  • Check Vacuum Lines for Leaks
  • Check Throttle Body
Special Notes
  • It may be necessary to remove and clean the Throttle Body and perform a Throttle Body Alignment (TBA)
  • When this fault is stored in the early VW models with the 2.8L VR6 (AAA) and the 2.0L (ABA), it may be necessary to drive the vehicle for a few days for the idle to return to normal after removing and cleaning the Throttle Body.
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Where are websites for new Eurovan full campers?

I don't believe that they are being manufactured any more for the US market. Call your VW dealer and double check this.

Anther Answer

The VW Transporter T4 (Eurovan in the US) - was, for a period of time, the most popular delivery van in Europe. These trucks are pretty bullet-proof. There are mechanics in the US, like Karmakanix in Berkeley, who can look at your Eurovan and tell you exactly what it needs tody and what it will need in the near-future. What makes Karmakanix spexial is that ther is an abundance of PhDs and factorey-trained mechanics there who, philosophically, do not ascribe to the dealership mentality of using minimal flowcharts to eliminate small problems by getting to the root of the problem and replacing only what really needs it.

As these vans are built as flexible platforms for big & small cargo-hauling, people transport, and recereational use, they will look at your van and assess what is important to replace now versus what can wait. In their own way, Eurovans are pretty sturdy. They cannot compare to a W123 Mercedes, but they're pretty tough.

Dealerships go through a flowchart that tells them to replace entire sub-systems rather than getting into what detail is making the subsystem fail. Finding a smilar place n your area will be a discovery process, but if you succeed, you will fnd that typically the things that fail on Eurovans are pretty small, and that they cn be fixed almost in perpetuity.

Find an independent mechanic known on VW lists, like ev-update on Yahoo groups, where you can have a dialogue with someone who has seen the problem before, and your repair costst will plummet, and results will improve many-fold.

There are several things poorly designed in these vans, but not all.

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How do you remove the window handle and take the door panel off without breaking anything?

Removing the Door Panel Coverings put the crank handle is in the Down Position. With either a Crank Spring Removal Tool, or a flat Screwdriver, remove the spring, located in a slot on the back of the crank.

edited for clarity from this source:



AnswerBTW, I tried the screwdriver ... no luck... will need to get the clasp remover... (also you may need a deep socket wrench to remove the door pull bolts from the door pull...) Good luck.


AnswerWindow Crank Tool Method

1. Insert Removal tool between crank handle and door, lined up with the crank handle as shown in figure 1.

2. Push tool inward firmly to disengage spring clip.

3. Retain Spring clip so you don't lose it.

4. Remove Window Crank.

Cotton Rag Method 1. Try to work the rag in between the crank and the spacer that rests against the door panel.

2. Move the rag in a "dental flossing" motion see-sawing back and forth. Eventually you'll hit the right spot, and the clip will pop off.

3. Retain Spring clip so you don't lose it.

4. Remove Window Crank.

Re-Installing the Window Crank 1. Snap the clip on the crank handle.

2. Push the handle back onto the shaft.

Source: http://www.focushacks.com/index.php?modid=46

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Where is the ODB connection on a VW Eurovan?

Steering column, basically between your knees when you are sitting in the driver's seat

Timing and Firing Orders
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Firing order for five cylinder vw engines?

1-2-4-5-3 www.sstune.com

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Why would a Bluebird cooling system be overheating and bubbling back into the over flow bottle after having the radiator replaced?

Air in the system. Bleed the cooling system and remove any trapped air pockets.

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How do you put a new belt on a 1995 Dodge Caravan 3.3 6 cylinder?

http://www.autozone.com/images/cds/jpg/small/0900823d8010b6d6.jpg here is the diagram from autozone http://www.autozone.com/images/cds/jpg/small/0900823d8010b6d6.jpg here is the diagram from autozone

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Video of How do you remove the rear brake pads on a 1996 Nissan Primera?

Not quite the same as the front pads as has been suggested.

Chock wheels, put into gear and take off handbrake.

Loosen wheelnuts on first wheel, jack up the car and secure with axle stands and make sure car is not going anywhere.

You have to remove the handbrake from the caliper. This involves removing the spring-clip from the handbrake mounting bolt and then (if necessary, unbolt the mounting bracket) and remove the cable from the mount and then free the cable from the linkage on the caliper.

Undo the lower guide bolt and swing up the caliper - it will hold itself up by its own weight, (Note that if you do remove both guide bolts for some reason as with the front brake, NEVER let it dangle on the hose as this could cause damage which may lead to hose/joint failure later with obvious results!)

Depending on the type fitted, the piston may simply be pushed back for most of the way as with a front piston (or) and must then be wound back with a wind back tool or pair of long nose pliers to reset the parking brake. (There are a couple of notches in the piston which you use as leverage to rotate the piston carefully until it is fully home, taking care not to damage seals.

Slide out the pads as normal, check discs and apply copper grease to the usual places (where backs of pads touch shims and calipers) taking great care not to get any grease on the friction surfaces or discs and slip in new pads.

Drop caliper back into place (on some versions there is a peg which must be aligned with the piston by rotating it) and replace guide bolt (ideally using a drop of thread locking compound) and tighten to the correct torque.

Replace handbrake assembly.

Replace wheel and repeat on other side.

When finished apply handbrake repeatedly and then footbrake repeatedly to reset the brakes.

Test brakes before relying on them.

It is a good idea to give them a quick check a week or so later to check nothing is dropping off because it was not tightened properly.

Hope this is useful as they are quite awkward if you are not used to them.


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