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What is a wedgie?

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what is a a wedgie to a girl? a wedgie is when someone grabs the top of youre thong or panties and pulls it very hard.sometimes till you scream.or till you see there s**y a**.ohhhh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What are wedgie dares?

a wedgie dare is when someone dares you to get a wedgie. it doesn't matter what type of wedgie it is

What is a wedgie slave?

a wedgie slave is when you get someone to give you wedgies or he/she has to let you give them a wedgie for how long you siad.i am a wedgie slave myself but the dude that gives me wedgies is weak so they don't hert.

Should you give a cheerleader a Piledriver wedgie or a scarecrow wedgie?

A scarecrow wedgie

What are some good wedgie dares for teen boys?

Hanging wedgie of course, even worse if they're wearing briefs

What shoe has a triangular sole?

wedgie a "WEDGIE"

What is the least painful wedgie?

The regular wedgie

Does ash ketchum get a wedgie?

of corse he does not get a wedgie

What is the worst wedgie for a girl?

a thong wedgie

What is the easiest wedgie?

a self wedgie is probably the easiest but if you have the right type of underwear a hanging wedgie

What movie and television projects has Jordan Lawhorn been in?

Jordan Lawhorn has: Played Hayrider in "Hayride" in 2012. Played Big brother in "Cosmic Wedgie" in 2013. Played Wrestler 1 in "Tai Kwon Wedgie" in 2013. Played The wedgie master in "Wedgie Pinata" in 2013. Played The wedgie master in "Bucket Wedgie" in 2013. Played Big bro in "Big Bro Lil Bro" in 2013. Played Wedgie Master in "Revenge of the Towel Boy" in 2013. Played The wedgie master in "Zipline Wedgie" in 2013. Played The wedgie master in "Truck Pulling Wedgie" in 2013. Played Wedgie bullie in "Epic Fail of the Wedgie Revenge" in 2013.

What is a hanging wedgie?

A hanging wedgie is a wedgie in which the receiver is hung by their underwear, in order for it to be an "Authentic" hanging wedgie, the receiver's feet must not be able to touch the ground.

What is the biggest wedgie ever?

Probably the atomic wedgie, although sometimes, with sturdy enough undies, a hanging wedgie could be bigger.

How do you perform a self wedgie?

A self wedgie is any wedgie you do to yourself. The simplist of which is a normal wedgie. Just reach around your back, grab you undies, and PULL HARD.

What website contains all wedgie games?

Give yourself a wedgie. Get off the computer and give yourself a big wedgie or let someone do it for you.

How do you do a ladder wedgie?

A Ladder Wedgie is a variation of the Hanging Wedgie. In a Ladder Wedgie, the reciever's undies are hooked around a ladder, giving the a huge wedgie, depending on how tall the ladder is, or some one grabs their undies, and steps up a ladder, making the wedgie tighter with each step.

What is the most painful wedgie and how do you do it?

100% A hanging wedgie but tbh the luckily chance of that happening to you is low so the most realistic I'd say is an Atomic Wedgie where they are pulled over your head but depends on how stretchy your undies are.

What is a super wedgie?

A wedgie so intense the recipientโ€™s undies are completely ripped out of their pants.

What is a wedgie master?

It is someone who tells their wedgie slave what wedgies to do. A wedgie slave is someone who does what wedgies his/her master says

How do you keep a wedgie in place overnight?

Give yourself a wedgie first then place a pin close On top of the wedgie it will stay with a safety pin good luck with your wedgie!

How do you spell the past tense of wedgie?

Wedgied, as in, "They wedgied me so hard my underwear ripped off."

What is a bikini wedgie?

a bikini wedgie is where u get wedgied in your bikini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best way to give yourself a wedgie?

Hanging Wedgie

What is a monster wedgie?

a monster wedgie is a wedgie that puts so much tention on the underwear it rips IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does a girl get a wedgie without asking?

You give her a hug and wedgie her from the back she may wedgie u back if u do it long enough

What is a Texas wedgie?

First of all, a wedgie is when your underwear gets lodged in the crack of your rear end. One way it happens is when someone pulls your underwear up sharply in the back.Some sources say that a Texas wedgie is:a super massive wedgie...pulled so hard you bleeda wedgie followed by hot sauce down the pantsa wedgie shaped like the State of Texasa wedgie that bends the underwear over the shoulders (aka atomic wedgie)So, I guess at this point, a Texas wedgie is whatever you can imagine it to be. But whatever it is, it is not good for the recipient!