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Cloudy eyes are a sign of a water quality problem - test your water. A general antibacterial medication such as Mela-fix should help - but no use dosing with that if your water quality is completely out of whack. And make sure you don't "Wipe" The medication over the fish's eyes, it will result it eye damage. Trust me, I have had the same problem, I used that trick and... IT WORKS! If you have any more questions email me at

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Can you treat turtles and fish with the same medication for white spot?

no you cant

What outer covering does a guppy have?

A Guppy is a tropical fish, and has an outer covering of fish-scales.

What is the body covering for a jawless fish?

Jawless fish do not have a body covering because they do not have scales. They have naked skin.

What body covering does a parrot-fish have?

All fish (even sharks) have a body covering of scales.

Clown fish scientific name?

The clown fish is a well known fish from the animated film Finding Nemo. It is orange and white. The scientific name of the clown fish is Amphiprioninae.

What is the body covering of an anchovy?

All fish have a body covering of scales.

What is the goldfish body covering?

All fish have a body covering of scales.

What is a fish scale?

A scale is a protective covering on the skin of a fish.

What type of body covering do bony fish have?

they have very smooth body covering

What is the body covering of a salmon?

The salmon is a fish; therefore, it has a body covering of scales.

What is the body covering of a fish?


What do fish have as body covering?


What is fish covering?

Scales or skin

What is the outer covering of a fish?

Fish are usually covered in scales. There scales protect them from their surrounding environment, much like skin for a human.

What covering protects the gills on a fish?

the operculum protects the gills on a fish.

What is a fish's body covering?

The body covering for a fish is called its scales. Scales on fish vary by size, color, number, and shape by species.

Outer covering of a snake?

The outer covering of a snake is scales, it's the same as fish.

What is the outer covering of a piranha?

Like most fish, piranhas have scales covering their skin.

What is white spot on goldfish between his eyes?

If it looks fuzzy its probably a fungal infection, treat the fish with an antifungal medicine.

What kind of body covering do fish have?


What is the body covering of fish?

scales and gills

Body covering of fish?

moist skin

What is the koi fish body covering?


What is a cartilage fish body covering?

it varys

What covering protects the gills?

It is a layer of fish skin,as known as fish scales.