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To cease?

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Q: What is a word that means to do away with or put an end to?
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What means to do away with or put an end to?

To abolish means to do away with or put an end to.

What does it mean when you put the apostrophe at the end of a word?

It means there is already an "s" at the end of the word

What is a 3 letter word beginning with e that means put away?


What does the word quelled mean?

It means to suppress or put an end to. As in 'the troops quelled the rebellion'

What does the word determined mean?

It can mean: 1. To put an end to. 2. To decide.

Is pleasant a basic word that is a synonym for the word gorge?

No gorge means to put away or eat really fast, pleasant is nice or thoughtful.

What is the origin of the word carnival?

Although the word carnival designates a time of feasting and fun, it actually means "put the meat away" for Lent. It also comes from the Italian word carnevale, which means 'Shrove Tuesday.'

What does put away an epee mean?

It means you put away the weapon called the epee

How do you put centrifugal in a sentence?

The ball was centrifugal when placed on the tilted table. This word means to move away from the center of something.

How are gargoyles put on buildings?

As a water spout to direct water away from the face of a building. The word means 'gullet or throat'.

What is the definition of the word 'surpress'?

The word 'suppress' is a verb that means forcibly put to an end or forcibly conquered, prevent the development, expression, action, expression and restrain.

What does 'extinguish' mean?

A simple meaning of Extinguishment is end something. Also called as to take away or bring to an end something such as a hope, feeling, custom or practice. If it's related to debt then it means to pay off a debt.