What is a zero depth swimming pool?

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A zero-depth swimming pool, also called a beach entry swimming pool, is a swimming pool having an edge or entry that gradually slopes from the deck into the water, becoming deeper with each step, in the manner of a natural beach. As there are no stairs or ladders to navigate, this type of entry assists older people, young children and people with accessibility problems where gradual entry is useful.
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Calculating avg depth in pool?

Answer . Average depth. Depth of the deep end @ 8'. Depth of the shallow end 3'. Add the two together and divide by 2 = average. Ken

As a person dives toward the bottom of a swimming pool the pressure increases noticeably Does the buoyant force also increase Justify your answer Neglect any change in water density with depth?

The reason why things float is that gravity addresses only the mass regardless the volume. so when a person dives deep, although he moves away the same volume, the buoyant force increases because the pressure increases, and sice the pressure affects the body from every where the buoyant force increa ( Full Answer )

Why does a swimming pool look shallower than its true depth?

before answering this question we should consider issues. First,why we see far things small and close things big? this is becauseour eyes cover larger area if the objest is far. secound, imagine a black spot on a whiote blank page, imagine thatthis spot is getting bigger , now you have two possibilt ( Full Answer )

Diving swimming pool depth?

The Diving well in a pool should be at least 10 feet or deeper. For safer situations I would go with at least 12 feet.

Does the difference in the depth of a swimming pool affect a swimmer's endurance?

I'm not quite sure of the exact scientific method, but if the pool is to shallow than it would be a problem, because you could kick the bottom of the pool. I always find it easier to swim in water around 1.5m deep, because if its too deep it makes me work harder, because i want to stay afloat.

Does the depth of the pool effect your swimming?

A shallow pool will not allow large swim strokes and will notrequire you to tread water. Deeper water will not let you swimunderwater for long distances without stopping to tread water.

Where will you experience greater pressure swimming in the sea or swimming in the pool at the same depth?

if you are swimming at the same depth the pressure will be the same. Depth affects pressure directly proportionally. That is if you swim deeper the pressure will become greater. If you swim up the pressure will become less. The size of the body of water does not affect pressure.. Think of it this w ( Full Answer )

Why does the floor of a swimming pool appear closer than its actual depth?

All the water in the pool bend a lot of the light that enters your eyes, so the floor appears closer and bent too. You can look at the bottom of a cup full of water, and the bottom would also look bent and closer. To have a better view of the actual depth, you can empty out all of the pool's wate ( Full Answer )

How might fish swim at different depths?

Fish have an organ called a swim bladder. This organ controls exactly where in the water a fish is. Its fins simply propel the fish in a direction. The swim bladder controls the up and down bit.

Can you swim at swimming pool after rain?

Yes, not a big issue in this. You can swim inswimming pool even after rain but it is good to avoid swimming inpool during rain and thunderstorm because of lightning.

How does a fish swim at different depths?

A fish uses his Swim Bladder to swim at different depths in the sea or in a aquarium By increasing or decreasing the amount of oxygen in its Swim bladder.

What is the minimum depth for swimming lanes?

It depends on the person. I can flip turn in 2 1/2 ft deep water but I know someone shorter than me who can't. Its safest to go with 3-31/2 ft deep. ;)

Why is a swimming pool called a swimming pool?

because its a pool you swim in. As opposed to a wading or play pool that is very shallow and does not permit swimming because of lack of depth. To be a swimming pool it must have sufficient depth to be able to swim in. For most people that requires a minimum depth of 3 feet.

What is the average depth of a swimming pool?

This question is difficult because there is not really a typical pool. Most of the pools we build on homeowners property run from 3 feet in depth to 6 or 8 feet in depth. So the average depth would be from 4 and 1/2 feet to 5 and 1/2 feet. The normal home sized pool will range from 15 by 30 feet to ( Full Answer )

Can you swim in a new swimming pool?

New above-ground pools may impart a strange taste to the water, which dissipates with use. New in-ground pools should be allowed to cycle through the cleaning process thoroughly after first being filled, to absorb any installation contaminants.

Can you swim in the swimming pool in the rain?

Swimming in light showers is normally fine, but not in an outdoor pool during a thunderstorm . Lightning is a very real risk to swimmers, and everyone should leave the pool at the first sound of thunder, or sight of lightning or dangerous clouds.

What is the depth of a swimming pool 15x30?

A 15 by 30 foot swimming pool can be any depth. As a constructor of gunite or concrete pools I could make any size of pool any depth from 6 inches to 10 feet or more. The size of a pool has no direct effect on the depth. We did pools for exercising horses that were 10 feet deep for the entire pool. ( Full Answer )

Why the actual depths of the swimming pool should be examined before jumping into it?

The depth of water in a swimming pool should always be examined before jumping into it because you can cause injury to yourself (and in some cases, others) if the water is too shallow. For a person of average size, 9-12 feet is suitable for jumping into, as there is plenty of room to submerge and su ( Full Answer )

Is it safer to swim in a sea or a swimming pool?

It's safer to swim in a pool because in the sea there are sharks and dangerous animals also the waves and rapids can drown you or push you to the middle of the sea.

What depth should your swimming pool be?

For ages 12 and up that know how to swim it should be 8 feet, but for 11 and under that know or not how to swim it should be 5 feet.

What are the step depths in a swimming pool?

Some pools don't have any steps. Many pools have them though. They are usually about 10 inches high. Second Answerer says: First of all, all depends on the what kind of pool. However , the National Spa & Pool Institute has set American National Standards for Residential Inground Swimming P ( Full Answer )

Can you get sick from swimming in a swimming pool?

Swimming after eating can cause indigestion because the muscles will take the blood that should be used for digestive organs. Waiting an appropriate amount of time after eating will take care of that. Another problem a person can have is if there are bacteria present in the water. Generally y ( Full Answer )

What do you get in a swimming pool?

If you are asking what products are included when you purchase a swimming pool, the answer is..."it depends". Our company, Florida Bonded Pools in Jacksonville (floridabondedpools.com) Florida, sells a basic pool package that includes an in-ground concrete swimming pool with an exposed aggregate int ( Full Answer )

Can swimming pools swim?

That is definitely an odd question but, no, I have never seen my friend's swim!

What is swimming pool?

A swimming pool is an artificial area to hold water that enables swimming or other leisure activities. Special care must be taken for maintaining swimming pools include filtration, chlorination, pH level, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness. A swimming pool is primarily built and used for fit ( Full Answer )

Which is a more reasonable estimate for a swimming pool depth 10 meters 10 millimeter or 10 kilometers?

10 metres is not just a more reasonable estimate, it is the only estimate that anyone but an ignoramus would make. 10 metres is not just a more reasonable estimate, it is the only estimate that anyone but an ignoramus would make. 10 metres is not just a more reasonable estimate, it is the only est ( Full Answer )