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What is acidic salt?


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if the salt contains a ionize able hydrogen atom the this salt will b termed as an acidic salt..... as acid contains ionize able hydrogen atoms.... examples are.. NAHSO4

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Sodium Bicarbonate is an acidic salt because, when sodium bicarbonate and salt mixes they form Acidic Salt

there are three types of salt, they are 1) Acidic salt: the salt which is acidic in nature is called acidic salt. 2) Basic salt: the salt which is basic in nature is called basic salt. 3) neutral salt: the salt which is neutral is called neutral salt.

The water solution of an acidic salt has a pH under 7.

An acidic salt has in water solution a pH under 7.

Salt water is typically alkaline but it can also be acidic

NaH2PO4 is an acidic salt.

If you mean table salt, it is neither acidic nor basic. It is neutral.

No; salts can be acidic, basic or neutral.

Na2HPO4 is acidic salt. Acidic salts are salts formed by partial neutralization of acid with base. In such salts H2 atom is not replaced from acid.

no it is not a salt. it is a acidic oxide.sulphates are salts.

it is a salt of weak base, ammonium hydroxide and strong acid ,hydrobromic acid. Therefore this salt is acidic in nature.

acidic salt basic salt normal salt

AnswerNeither, it's a salt. but its aqueous solution is slightly acidic due to hydrolysis of salt.

Salt is neutral. So is sugar.

It is a neutral salt but its aqueous solution is acidic in nature.

no its a basicYes, a salt can be acidic, when it has PH

Sodium chloride solution is neutral.

It is acidic. it is formed by the reaction of Copper(2) Hydroxide which is a Weak base and Sulfuric Acid which is a strong Acid. A weak base + strong acid always gives an acidic salt.

TAble salt is neutral, not basic or acidic.

It is an acidic salt of sulfuric acid.

An acidic salt is a salt produced from a strong acid reacting with a weak base, such as NH4Cl, which is formed from HCl and NH3.

Yes. Fe is a transition metal which makes this solution acidic

Sodium nitrite is a mildly basic salt

No. 'tis a basic salt.

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