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What is advice for using car booster seats?

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Here are some use and installation tips from the U.S. Department of Transportation:

  • Select a seating position with a lap and shoulder belt.
  • Never use with lap belt only.
  • The back is the safest place for all children to sit.
  • A booster seat without a back may be used if child's head is supported (up to the top of the ears) by vehicle seat back.
  • A high-back booster is recommended if vehicle has low seat back; some models have removable back.
  • Always read your child safety seat instructions and vehicle's owner's manual for proper use and installation information.
  • Position the lap belt across child's upper thighs, not across the stomach. Place the shoulder belt across center of the child's shoulder. Then thread the vehicle shoulder belt through shoulder belt adjuster on booster seat.
  • High-back boosters are recommended when vehicle seat does not have a head restraint. Once the child is seated in the booster, place the lap and shoulder belt over the child and buckle. Adjust so that the lap belt lies across the child's upper thighs, not across the stomach. Adjust the shoulder belt and thread it through the shoulder belt adjuster (if available) so that seat belt lies across the center of the child's shoulder.
  • NHTSA recommends children be placed in a belt-positioning booster seat once they have outgrown their child safety seat at 40 pounds.

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