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What is amendment 2?

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right to bear arms

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The National Guard is which amendment?

Amendment 2

Which amendment applies to the National Guard?

Amendment 2

Which amendment banned the use of alcohol?

amendment 2

Amendment 2 gives you the rights?

Amendment 2 gives you the rights to bear arms

Which amendment allows states to maintain militias?

amendment 2

The National Guard which amendment applies to this scenario?

amendment 2 :)

Why is amendment 2 imporant?

The second amendment is the right to bare arms.

How many freedoms does the first amendment protect?

5 amendment

Which amendment protected the right to bare arms?

the amendment that your looking for is amendment 2 deals with the right to bare arms.

Which amendment tell us that presidents may only have 2 terms?

22 amendment

Which amendment applies to the scenario people have the right to keep and bear arms?

amendment 2

What amendment sets the 2 term limit on a presidential term?

That's the 22nd Amendment.

When was the 2 amendment written?


Why do people have a 2 amendment?

to have war

what two ways ratified an Amendment to the US Constitution?

Either 2/3 of all states can agree to ratify the amendment or 2/3 of all the states conventions held for the amendment have to agree.

Which amendment was called the lame duck amendment?

The 20th Amendment, Passed by Congress March 2, 1932, Ratified January 23, 1933

What Fraction is used to propose a Constitutional Amendment?

you need 2/3 of a fraction for a Constitutional Amendment

2 Which amendment guarantees that businesses and individuals may lobby the federal government?

17th amendment

What are the answers to the bill of rights and constitutional amendments worksheet?

1. 5th amendment 2. 8th amendment 3. 1st amendment 4. 7th amendment 5. 4th amendment 6. 2nd amendment 7. 8th amendment 8. 10th amendment 9. 9th amendment And I'll just leave you with the rest to figure out :) Can't do ALL your hw!

What year was amendment 2 ratified?


Why was the 2 year amendment passed?


What does Amendment 2 in The Bill of Rights mean?

The second amendment basically means you have a right to own a gun.

Which amendment restricts a president from running for more than 2 terms?

The 22nd amendment restricts a president to serving 2 terms or 10 years.

What is the process in adding an amendment?

An amendment bmay either be proposed by 2/3 of the Constitution or at a constitutional convention called by 2/3 of the state legislatures.

Why is amendment 22 important?

Amendment 22 is very important to the United States. This amendment makes sure that a president does not serve more than 2 terms.