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This was one of the many store brand names used by Crescent Arms. Your gun is worth no more than $150, in perfect original condition.

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Q: What is an American Gun Company dbl barrell 16 gauge serial number 855862 valued at?
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Were do you find the serial number on a Ithaca lefever nitro special?

break open the barrell, on the main frame it is on the right side under the barrell, it is on the bottom of the barrell on the left side

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Where can you find the serial number on a W Richards 12 gauge double barrel?

I found mine under the barrell. You will need to remove the wood under the barrell in front of the triggers.

Is there a parts and instruction catalog or information sheet for an American Arms 12 gauge with hammers double barrell shotgun serial number 133024 available. .?

Unlikely. Try

Where is the serial number on a Marlin 22?

Most that I have seen are on the left side of the gun barrell near the bolt and trigger. Most that I have seen are on the left side of the gun barrell near the bolt and trigger.

How much is my Parker brothers double barrell shotgun serial?

You need to give the serial number on a Parker.

What year and model is an Ithaca Single Barrell Shotgun serial number 401749 T?

1951 Model 37

What is value and manufacturing date of colt revolver 45 long colt with 8 inch barrell serial 102710?

Value is more determined on condition. The length of barrell and serial number are helpful but the Model of the revolver is essential. Without knowing the model number the question is almost impossible to answer honestly.

How much is a double barrell 12 gauge shot gun made by American arm gun co worth with hammers and serial number 72737 and what year was it made?

50-100 USD, 70-100 years ago

What year was an American gun company 12 gauge shotgun manufactured serial number 316678?

No published serial number data.

What is the manufactor date of a silver hawk double barrell 12 gauge serial number 18365?

No published sn data

What can you tell me about a Hollenbeck Model or serial number 82 stamped Wheeling West Virginia - Demascus Steel 12 ga Double barrell Shotgun?

Company was incorporated 1901 in Wheeling and and went out of business after some name changes and moves in 1910.

How old is a Winchester Model 24 20 gauge side by side double barrell?

Impossible to answer since you did not provide the serial number.

What is an American Gun Company double barrel 12 gauge number 130396 worth?

50-100 USD

S w 38 special 6 shot revolver 6 barrell old has three dates on barrell patented feb 6 08 sept 14 08 dec 00 14 no model number but sn on butt is 505617?

You will have to call S&W

What is the approximate age of a 12 ga double barrell bc miroku firearms serial number 184XXX?

Age of the gun is important, not the value.

What is the value of a s and w serial number 195979 cts 4'' barrell hammerless caliber 38?

100-400 usd

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what is the value of a fox double barrell 12 gauge shotgun ser#26151 A

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Price on a 1880 Ithaca double barrell shotgun outside hammers dumacus rolled steel barrell?

Without more information like model number serial number, and overall condition I can only give you an approximate value. In like new condition, around $900.00, in very good condition, around $500.00, in good condition, around $300.00 and in poor condition, around $100.00.