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What is an Irish Boxer Nose?

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a snout

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Who is Matthew Curran?

Matthew Curran was an Irish Heavyweight boxer.

Who is the movie the fighter about?

The Irish-American boxer Micky Ward.

How do you say nose in Irish?

srón / gaosán

Is a combat soldier or boxer or rugby player likely to have a broken nose?

Anyone in these professions can suffer a broken nose. If you are really asking which one is more likely to suffer a broken nose, my answer is a boxer; since they are more apt to be struck in the face during a match.

Which dog breed has the longest nose?

Irish setter

Is it a requirement to break your nose before becoming a boxer?

Not at all, but it will happen over and over.

Last person who beat up Mike Tyson?

Irish boxer Kevin mc bride in 2005.

Is Irish Olympic boxer Jim McCourt dead?

No he is alive and well on the 26/12/2008

In which movie did Russell Crowe play legendary Irish boxer James J Braddock?

Cinderella Man

Does Katie Taylor the Irish boxer have any siblings?

Yes she has 2 older brothers and an older sister

What are the release dates for We the People With Gloria Allred - 2011 Broken Boxer Nose The Rapist Stole My Boyfriend 1-151?

We the People With Gloria Allred - 2011 Broken Boxer Nose The Rapist Stole My Boyfriend 1-151 was released on: USA: 2012

What are the ratings and certificates for NYPD Blue - 1993 My Wild Irish Nose 4-10?

NYPD Blue - 1993 My Wild Irish Nose 4-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Who is the main character on the movie called the fighter?

According to imdb "The Fighter, is a drama about boxer 'Irish' Micky Ward"

What breed is My dog she has a brindle coat and white spots on her paws?

Usually one of two breeds. Either a Pitbull or a Boxer. Brindle coloring, one or more white paws as well white markings on chest and or nose are indicative of both breeds. The boxer will have a very short nose/snout.

What does Cameron mean in Irish?

Cameron is a Scottish surname meaning 'crooked-nose' (Camshron).

How do you say fighter in Irish?

A 'boxer' would be dornálaí or bacsálaí.A fighter would be trodaí. 'Freedom fighter is trodaí na saoirse.

Who is Stephen Reynolds?

There are many well known Stephen Reynolds, including a Canadian TV director, an American movie producer and an Irish boxer.

Why do boxer dogs have squashed noses?

Boxer dogs have those kinds of noses because their nose is broad but the top of the muzzle appears slightly pushed in, instead of pused out a little. That is why boxer dogs have like those squashed noses. The Boxer nose is broad, and the top of the muzzle appears slightly pushed in, added: The boxer was bred as a working dog, it's ancestors were used for bear hunting and bull baiting. The lower jaw being undershot is advantageous for grip and hold. The raised nose being set in let the dog breath without compromising his grip on the prey. Now it's part of their allure and it's definite head breed dog, meaning in the show world we covet the head. A great head is admired, sought after and ENVIED!

How much does a nose piercing cost at Irish ink?

Either call or go to the piercing shop and ask?

If your are a boxer and have big nose is this dangerous and if you get a nose job are you still able to box?

It would be pointless having a nose job and then continuing to box. The whole point of a nose job is to reshape the nose, but whats the point when theres a high risk of it disfiguring again due to boxing. My suggestion is to wait until your boxing career is over and then persue a nose job else it would just be a waist of money.

What is the difference between a prize fighter and a man with a cold?

The boxer knows his blows, while the sick man blows his nose.

How do you say boxer in Spanish?

boxer (as in underware) = boxer boxer (as in fighter) = boxeador

Why is micky ward called Irish?

Ward is the former American junior welterweight professional boxer and former Word Boxing Union (WBU) champion who hails from the hardscrabble Irish American working class town of Lowell in Massachusetts.

What is the German word for boxer?

the boxer = der Boxer.

What does 'Dia duit ar maidin' mean?

Good morning in Irish.