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It actually means An unfortunate incident. Example: he met with an accident.

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An accident is an unexpected incident with negative consequences to the sufferer.

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Q: What is an accident?
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Which is proper by accident or by accident?

By Accident

Which is proper English on accident or by accident?

If you mean something happened that was not intentional, it should be by accident. "The boy stepped on the cat's tail by accident."

How do you spell accident in french?

you spell accident in french the same way you spell accident in english; accident

Why do they think Hank Garland's car accident was not an accident?

This was all in his brother's mind. The accident was just that, an accident.

What are 10 words that describe a car accident?

Words that will describe the compound noun 'car accident' are adjectives; for example:a minor car accidenta bad car accidenta dumb car accidenta serious car accidentan unavoidable car accidentan avoidable car accident

What is the abbreviation for accident?


Where is the Accident Branch in Accident located?

The address of the Accident Branch is: 106 S. North Street, Accident, 21520 0154

What is pre-accident?

The state of circumstances directly before an accident happened.

was this truck in a accident 3GNEK13T72G329800?

3GNEK13T72G329800 was this truck in a accident was this truck in a accident 3GNEK13T72G329800

accident report?

accident report

What year did charles krauthammer have his car accident?

He didn't have a car accident. He had a "DIVING" accident.

Can a car get wrecked in an accident going 10mph?

Sure. It won't be much of an accident but it can be an accident.

Did Michael Jackson's kids get in accident?

No. they did not get in a accident.

What is the root word of 'accident'?


How can you show someone you love them after an accident?

after what accident

What are pros about the Chernobyl accident?

No "pros" about the accident.

Was the candle made on purpose or by accident?


Were muskrat introduced by purpose or accident?

on accident

What part of speech is accident?

Accident is a noun.

Who is at fault for a multi car pile up?

no one should be blamed. it is accident, and an accident is an accident.

What is a good sentence for the word accident?

My grandfather got in a car accident. I stepped on her foot by accident.

Is it by accident or on accident?

By accident (As 'by' is being used as a stand in for 'as a result of an', which is similar to, 'as a result of an action of Jeff', or 'by Jeff') This also raises the question "why is it 'by accident' but 'on purpose'?" 'On purpose' implies a following of a purpose, (i.e. "on point").

How important is it to have accident insurance?

It is important to have accident insurance in order to be prepared for the unexpected. Having accident insurance will prevent major expenses but not all resulting in an accident.

What is a fatal accident?

A fatal accident is an accident when a fatality(or death) occurs. A "Fatal Accident" is most commonly used to refer to car accidents when someone dies.

If you let your sister borrow your insured car and she is in an accident and charged for the accident does her insurance cover the accident or will yours?

The correct way to spell the word is accident. You were correct.