What is an albizia falcata?

It is known as the fastest growing tree in the world, albizia falcata can grow to 10 meters in 2 years and 30 meters in 10 years. Albizzia falcata is a favorite specie for plantations in Indonesia.

It is very easy to kiln dry, with consistent shrinkage during drying. Once dried, it is virtually termites free. After kiln dry, the weight can be as little as 0.25, therefore as core materials, albizia falcata is very famous for it's lightweight, strength and stableness. Because of this it is very popular in the timber industry. Used primarily in plywood and furniture. It is considered a Softwood.

It is also considered a weed in some parts of the word because its fast growth can quickly overrun other plant species in an ecological niche.