What is an anda box?

You probably have requested either private networking between several business locations, or a fast connection to the internet where DSL is unavailable. This is usually accomplished by leasing local telco "T1 private lines" between you and your provider. These private lines are T1/DS1 (or E1 in Europe), which are 1.5 megabits/sec each. If you wish to get some multiple of that for net bandwidth (3M, 6M, etc), your provider will lease 2 to 8 T1s from the local telco, and bond them together using multiplexing. Your provider will provide an Anda 2108 box (see andanetworks.com) to aggregate those 8 T1s to give you a net bandwidth of 12 megabits to your facility. The next step up in telco circuits is a T3, a 45 megabit circuit. The monthly recurring cost from your local telco provider for a T3 is usually more than 10 times that of a T1, so ordering up to 8 T1s is still more cost effective. T3's are not available from all telco CO's like T1's are. Reliability of multiple bonded T1s is better, since you can lose one or more members and still have service, albeit degraded. T1's usually have a 4-hour repair commitment, where DSL is more than a business day.