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What is an emotional understanding between two people?

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Rapport is the medical term used to describe a relationship of understanding between two people.

it is a strong long lasting emotional tie or bond between two people.

Answer A totally committed relationship between two people only. That's my understanding of the meaning.

There can be many forms of emotional intimacy but basically, emotional intimacy occurs when two people connect and are "intimate" on an emotional level. It can be called "emotional chemistry" I have recently learned. It is a very strong emotional connection between two people and thereafter a bond exists that is not easily broken. It will happen when you least expect it and with it comes a very strong love that is also not easily broken. In addition, when you are emotionally intimate, you will know things in your heart to be true or not true regarding the other person. There is an amazing connection between you even though you may not really understand it at first.

People write about things that have an emotional impact with them. Tragedy and comedy are two ends of the emotional scale. People write and read tragedy because it makes a connection with their emotion.

An agreement or a contract. Entente....understanding between nations (or parties)

To satisfy eachothers' mental, emotional, and/or physical needs.

Sex is a result in many relationships between two people, but it is not the most important element between them. It is important that an emotional connection is made. Without that emotional connection, sex is an exercise, no more meaningful than jumping jacks, or pull ups.

Between two pot heads, and know-it alls; love can be misunderstood more than you think.

A conversation between two people is a dialogue.

Yes an emotional bond requires some sort of empathy or a deeper feeling arising in the mind. Sex is simpler and has nothing to do with the depth of feeling that people can have for each other. That isn't to say of coarse that when there is a depth of feelings between two people the sex isn't better.

AnswerIf you are one in the emotional affair I guess you could know it's over if you no longer have the emotional feelings towards the other person or they no longer have them towards you. If you are not one of the parties in the emotional affair there is really no way to know for sure if it's over or not. Unlike sexual affairs, emotional affairs can be very strong and deep rooted, and can sometimes be real love. In this case the emotional affair may never be over. It just depends on the bond between the two people.

they are not. it is just that this century is fixated on sex and the emotional connection between two people just doesn't seem to matter so much.... its kinda sad :(

A memorandum of understanding (also known as a written gentlemen's agreement) is a document which describes an agreement between two or more parties. Memos of understanding are NOT legally binding and are not valid contracts.

A duel is a fight between two people

Because the memorandum is a memorandum. It might be accompanied by a cover letter or something.

Jem is very moody lately. He thins that since he is older, that Scout should call him "Mr. Jem" Jem wants to be by himself more than with his little sister.

Any communication between two people can be called a message.

Between is used for two people. Among is used for more than two people,ie., many people.

Minus the whole statutory rape thing, the physical age of two people really has nothing to do with a relationship. What really matters is the emotional age and where the two people are at in their lives. If they are not at the same emotional or maturity level then it won't work.

There are two acceptable plurals - memorandums of understanding and memoranda of understanding.

It means there's no communication. An invisible wall ("muro invisivel") between two people means that they are not talking between themselves ("talking" being not an act but pure non-understanding).

"Chemistry" in a relationship describes a strong emotional and social connection between two people. Two people have "chemistry" between them when they are actively interested in and communicative with each other.Ex: They must feel something when they are with each otherThe term possibly comes from how some chemicals react with each other and others don't. Some people simply don't have "chemistry" between them, because they don't "react" to or take interest in one another.

Motile, make sure you check other sources to check your understanding between these two!

I'm not understanding what you are asking. See my post in the discussion section.

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