What is an epidermal cell?


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An epidermal cell is a cell that is part of the outer layer of an organism. For example, in humans, skin cells are epidermal. Leaves on plants have epidermal layers on the top and bottom of the leaf.

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An epidermal cell is a cell that is a cell that is part of the outer layer of an organism

Epidermal cell helps in protection, absoption and gaseous exchange.

the hydrilla cell contains chloroplasts but the onion epidermal ce;; does not contain chloroplast.

average of 2-4 weeks. but it really depends of what type of epidermal cell.

The epidermal cell have cuticle (in plants) or chiten (in animals) on their outer tangential walls to perform protective function.

it is a thin layer that can be peeled out from an onion.

Alternatively, in plants growing in dry habitats, the epidermal cell walls and cuticles are typically very thick. In pines (Pinus sp.) the epidermal cells of the needles have layers of secondary wall material that almost fill the cell cavity.

Leaf epidermal cells are examined by making peelings of epidermal cells from both sides. Normally these peelings are stained and examined under the compound microscope.

Simply put, epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a mitogenic protein, and it is used to stimulate cell growth.

The structure of onion epidermal cells refers to the arrangement of tissues in this cells. You can find the structure of onion epidermal cells online at The structures observed in an onion epidermal cell, which are not present in the human epithelial cells are cell wall, central vacuole and vacuolar membrane.

Answer1. Guard cells have chloroplast, epidermal cells do not have.2. Guard cells are much smaller than the epidermal cells.3. The cell walls of guard cells are not uniform, inner walls are thicker than the outer walls. epidermal cells are unformly thin.

No, they involve superficial epidermal cells

The epidermal cell forms the outer layer of the leaf

because it is made up of closely bound paranchyma cell.

The only cell layer that exhibit the cell division is the basal layer, in case of the epidermis.

To line the exterior and "interior" of the body. Note, GIT and respiratory tract are still the exterior of the body even though it may seem to be the "interior". It is also essential in blood vessels. Therefore an epidermal cell have various functions.

cuticle coating on leaves and thick epidermal cell walls

The epidermal layer is a your skin.

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