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What is an epithelioid mesenchymal tumor?

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Q: What is an epithelioid mesenchymal tumor?
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What is tumor of the liver called?

The most common type of benign liver tumor is called a mesenchymal hamartoma. there are others.

What is irritational fibroma?

Irritational fibroma is a chronic non-malignant mesenchymal tumor(swelling) which needs to be excised off and the primary cause identified and removed.

What is a mesenchymal?

Mesenchymal stem cells are mature stem cells which are usually found in the bone marrow.

Can epithelioid sarcoma be cured?

Yes, if it is caught early, before metastasis. The only cure for ES is surgery, either a wide local excision or amputation. Chemotherapy and radiation can help, but they are secondary treatments. I would hesitate to say that METASTATIC epithelioid sarcoma CAN'T be cured -- there may well circumstances I am not envisioning, and new drugs are always being developed. That said, if the tumor metastasizes to a local node and the whole area is removed, there's a chance. If has metastasized widely (to, say, organs or lymph nodes far from the primary tumor), the disease is probably incurable. This page includes a chart summarizing ES outcomes from several papers, and also links to a medical journal article titled Epithelioid Sarcoma: still only a surgically curable disease.

What name is given to undifferentiated cells?

Mesenchymal cells

What is Mesenchymal derivatives?

Cells that make up the mesenchymal tissues of the body ie fibrous connective tissue, cartilage, some of the bone cells, blood vessels etc.

Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells a Promising Treatment for COVID-19?

What is the original embryonic connective tissue?

Undifferentiated mesenchymal tissue

What is the difference between mesenchymal stromal cells and mesenchymal stem cell?

Stroma cells are usually the cells which supply nutrition to the parenchymial (core) cells to stay alive and grow, in form of vessles.

The cell derived from osteoprogenitor cells which produces ossification is the?

Mesenchymal cells

What is the difference from a hard tumor or a soft tumor?

A hard tumor is not a tumor

What are Mesenchymal stem cells used for?

Mesenchymal stem cells are used for regenerative and tissue engineering. More information on the use of stem cells can found on Wikipedia, Regenexx, Euro Stem Cell and many more.

What is malignant tumor?

A malignant tumor is a cancerous tumor. A benign tumor is one that isn't harmful to the person that has the tumor.

When did Joshua Isaac die?

Joshua Isaac died on August 2, 2010, in Seattle, Washington, USA of Epithelioid Sarcoma.

What is the meaning of sarcoma?

A sarcoma is a cancer that arises from transformed cells of mesenchymal origin

Which type of stem cell can differentiate into most types of cells?

Undifferentiated mesenchymal cell

What is the medical term meaning kidney tumor that occurs in children?

Wilms tumorWilms TumorWilms tumor

What part of speech is tumor?

Tumor is a noun. The x-ray showed that he has a tumor.

Is Wilms' tumor malignant?

Wilms' tumor is a type of malignant tumor

Can a tumor look cancerous or not?

where is the tumor

Can a tumor have a heartbeat?

A tumor does not have a heart.

What are mesenchymal cells?

it is embryonic connective tissue that is derived from the mesoderm and that differentiate into hematopoietic and connective tissue

Mesenchymal cells are most commonly found in what kind of connective tissue?

embryonic connective tissue

What is a parotic tumor?

A parotic tumor is a tumor on your largest salavary gland in front of your ear.

How do maligant tumor cells differ to benige tumor cells?

That a benging tumor does not metastasize.